Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography (CT) which is also called Computerized axial Tomography (CAT) is an technology which has revolutionized the medical world.It enables the doctors to watch the vital organs, identify the blockages and growths and diagnose signs of diseases without surgery.

What is Computed Tomography scan?

Computed Tomography scan combines the us of a digital computer together with a rotating X-ray device to create detailed cross sectional images or slices of the different organs.

Advantages of CT over other imaging techniques

CT scan is a painless and less sensitive to patient than MRI.Among the various imaging techniques CT has the unique ability to image a combination of soft tissues,bone,and blood vessels.Here no radiation remains in the patient body after a CT examination.X-ray image of the head can only show the dense bone structure of the skull.Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging does an excellent job of showing blood vessels and soft tissue,but MR does not give as much details of bony structures such as the skull.CT images of the head allow the physicians to see soft-tissues ,anatomic structures like the brain’s ventricles,of grey and white matter.And,CT can provide detailed cross sectional images and diagnostic information for nearly every part of the body.

Role of CT scan in the diagnosis of covid -19

Chest CT scanning in patients with covid associated pneumonia usually shows ground glass opacification,possibly with consolidation.Though CT scans aren’t recommended as the only way to diagnose COVID-19, it may be appropriate on a case-by-case basis. For patients with severe symptoms, imaging might help to assess the seriousness of the disease. And when used with lab tests, a thorough medical history and a physical exam, CT scans can be helpful for determining a plan of care for a patient

Uses of CT scan

⭐CT scan can be used to measure bone mineral density for the detection of osteoporosis.

⭐CT has excellent application in trauma cases and other internal bleeding in patients.

⭐CT is an invaluable tool in the cancer diagnosis and is often the preferred method for diagnosis lung,liver and pancreas cancer.

⭐CT imaging and CT angiography and finding a greater role in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, vascular diseases and acute stroke,which lead to stroke,gangrene or kidney failure.

⭐CT is used extensively for diagnosing problems of the inner ears and sinuses.CT is excellent for imaging tumors or polyps in the sinuses and diseases that cause degeneration of the small bones in the inner ear.

⭐CT has been the basis for interventional work like CT guided biopsy and minimally invasive theraphy.CT is also often used to follow the course of cancer treatment to determine how the tumour is responding to treatment.

Disadvantages of CT scan

⭐ CT scan,being a valuable tool for diagnosis and screening, a CT scan does carry risks, which relate to increasing your risk of cancer and reacting to contrast agents.It is really expensive.

⭐It is not suitable for tracking the progress of the stone over time, supporting the recommendation for KUB radiography along with the CT scan.

⭐At the low doses of radiation a CT scan uses, your risk of developing cancer from it is so small that it can’t be reliably measured.

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