What are soft skills?

Soft skills are the traits that make your character. These are the skills that are common for anyone who is seeking a job regardless of the work domain. Soft skills are opposite to the hard skills that are completely related to the job stream. Hard skills differ from person to person while soft skills are common to all. These are the skills that should be demonstrated in our work environment and cannot be added to the resume. Some of the soft skills are communication, leadership, interpersonal skills, teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, work ethic, and many more.


Communication is the most important soft skill that anybody can possess. It is the speaking and writing skills that show the way you express yourself and your thoughts. It is a crucial skill for people in sales fields. Some common skills that fall under communication are presentation, public speaking, verbal and non-verbal communication, and listening.


It is the quality that takes a person to higher positions. It shows how you mentor and your co-workers and employees and guide your teams. This includes the quality of volunteering and taking responsibility. This skill helps you to grow in your career. It is also critical for entrepreneurs. The leader must be able to take decisions. It includes decision-making skills, management skills, and mentorship.

Inter-personal skills

Inter-personal skills are the ones that we use unknowingly on a daily basis. These include the way we communicate with our teammates and co-workers. The relationship we maintain with others in the work environment and the optimistic approach towards things also are considered interpersonal skills. Some other skills which come under this are empathy, patience, diplomacy, etc.


It is the coordination that you maintain within the team. Taking the consent of each team member before starting work, giving equal opportunity and priority to each member’s opinion, discussing the plans and executing it in the right way, working together and faster to accomplish tasks – all these are combined and said as teamwork.  

Critical thinking

It is the ability to analyze and understand the problems and find out a solution for them. The person should have the quality of making the right decisions and changing them if they went wrong. The situations need to be handled smoothly without tension and stress. Observation, logical thinking, troubleshooting, flexibility, curiosity, and acceptance of changes come under critical thinking.

Work ethic

This is the quality of being punctual, organized in their works, submitting reports before the deadline. It is most essential for any type of job, be it small or big. Some of the work ethics are being independent, dedication, attentiveness, multitasking, time management, and so on. Employers are more likely to offer the job to a person with a good work ethic as it shows your professional behavior and organized approach towards work.


It is a skill that requires innovative thinking to find a solution. It is needed in every field but it is most indispensable for designers, architects, and artists. Some skills that are included in creativity are thinking out of the box, imagination, mind mapping, application of the idea, experimenting, etc.

Apart from these, there are many more soft skills like planning, management, business ethics, business etiquette, self-confidence, time management and stress management, decision making, etc. You can cultivate these skills by practicing in your day-to-day life with your colleagues and friends.

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