The wise always choose the pen, not the war!

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“Pen isn’t mightier than the sword.

Pens don’t win battles, and swords don’t Write Poetry.

Mighty is the Hand that knows when to pick the pen and

When to pick the sword!”

Thousands of stories, incidents, events are flourished beautifully with some splashes of ink. Indeed, a pen holds up a power which humans will never have. Everyone wants to be powerful in some way or the other. It can be physically, financially, politically, etc but we all need power because we are convicted to the clichéd topic of  “When a man is in power, he is the strongest of all”.  It’s our fault that we have created a world where a lion is considered to be the king of the jungle. We have made the world believe that power plays a major role. But have we ever thought that power can lie in the hands of humans?

 Power is in our hands!

 The strongest are those vintage philosophers and poets, who have a pen with them. Yes, a pen is all we need to be powerful. But how can a tiny pen be so powerful in this whole universe? Ever pondered about those passionate writers of the 18th century, of Victorian-era who still captivate us by telling the class condition and women suppression in that time.

Ever thought about how those writers like Sadat Hasan Manto, Khushwant shah, Ismat Chugtai taught us the value of freedom and sufferings. What made Shakespeare mend to write about the most legend love story of Romeo and Juliet, when he knew it was a time of class distinction. All these eminent writings, poetry which we read now is the power of a pen which amazed the readers of all time.

Pen is a medium

Ink has always been the best media to convey the real scenario of society. The writers have effortlessly portrayed to us how a pen is always mightier than a sword. A pen will always show us the mirage of the real society, where we live. We as a reader forecast many experiences when we read the truth. The authority is with all of us but only some chose a way to remove the disputes and that is through writing. A spot of ink has the power to removes the gap of social norms and customs from our society.

It unites!

Wars, disputes, riots always bridge a gap among humans, but a pen always unites people and their thoughts and believes. Society is filled with humans who are more affected by the glimpse of writing. As people believe in the power of words. Those who know to play with words always win. We have created a society where we have made certain beliefs’ which are not accepted by all and we have been following an age-old system where power is everything. So, it’s time to break those barriers of conventions and realize the reality of words.

Pen and readers are bonded of each other!

The power of the pen is so powerful that it can convey to the audience easily. The pen and the readers are 2 parts of a coin. The audience gets related because of the commendable expression which makes a reader and a pen get bound to each other. Immensely a pen and a reader are bounded emotional with those flickering words which string to their minds.