In the field of games and sports, people do not acknowledge women’s sports to be at par with men’s sports .Right from the beginning of Olympic Games, the role of women in sports and games has been neglected. However, from the last decade of previous century , there is an increasing interest of women in sports both as participants and spectators. The provision of sports facilities to both women and men in sports shows a new trend. More people, than in the past, now want to see women on the playfields. However , few discriminations still persist in terms of salaries, cash awards, television time, etc. Indeed a lot of efforts have been taken vis-a`-vis women participation in sports and even greater steps are yet to be taken.


Here, we will discuss in detail women’s participations in the field of sports .As a matter of fact, women’s participation in sports has a long history . In ancient Olympics , women were not allowed to even watch sports competitions . Even in the first modern Olympic games which were held in 1896 in Athens , there was no participation of women .In fact , women started participating in the modern Olympic Games from 1900 onwards . They participated only in two sports events . In this Olympics , only twenty – two women participated . In 1904 Olympic Game , only six women participated in three events . With the passage of time , the number of women participants in Olympics increased and exactly after 100 years i.e., in 2000 Sydney Olympics , the number of women participants increased up to 4,096 . In this Olympics , a total of 10,500 sportspersons from 199 countries took part and out of which 38.2 per cent were women. This number of women participants was a record during that time . In 2008 Olympic Games , which were held in Beijing , a total of 10,700 sportspersons from 205 countries took part and out of which 4,637 were women whose percentage was 42.4 , whereas only 23 women of India participated in the London Olympics . In 2012 London Olympic Games , 10,960 sportsperson from 205 countries participated , out of which 4,862 were women whose percentage was more than ever before . For the first time women boxing was included in the Olympic program . In 2008 Olympics , 26 female sportsperson participated from India . Only four Indian women participated in the Olympics held in 1952 in athletics . Karnam Malleshwari became the first Indian Women to secure a bronze medal in weightlifting in Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 . In 2012 London Olympic Games , Sania Nehwal and MC Mary Kom added feather in the cap of India by securing one bronze medal each . Though PT Usha could not win any medal in the 1984 Olympic in 400 m hurdle race , yet her performance was remarkable and extraordinary . In fact , there is a long list of Indian woman sportsperson who have won various positions in the World Cups , Common Wealth Games, Asian Games ,SAF Games , etc.

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