Beauty In Nature

Everything we see around us, right from the moment we step outside our home is part of nature. The trees, animals, landscape, flowers, trees, breeze, sunlight, everything that makes our surroundings so beautiful and mesmerizing are part of nature. Nature does not arise spontaneously but needs years and years to bloom and blossom.
According to researchers, nature we see today has developed in 4.5 billion years. Initially, the earth was not sustainable for any kind of living thing. The atmosphere had no to very little oxygen, and the same was the case with water. The land made of molten magma and the atmosphere was toxic to survive. Slowly, the earth cooled down, and life started blooming on it. It began to rain, and nature, as we see today, was formed. This nature then gifted the earth with living creatures like animals, birds, and finally, humans.

It is the Mother Nature who never harms us but always nurtures us. By providing us fruits and vegetables, it nurtures our body. By providing us water hydrates our body, and by providing oxygen, it cleanses our body. It is usually seen that people who live close to nature, especially the villagers live a somewhat happy life as compared to the people living amidst the high hovering skyscrapers. Nature provides our ears sweet sound of birds, rejuvenates us with fresh air, breeze fills our soul with joy, and inspires to flow like the river. Nature provides the raw material for economic development as well.
Unfortunately, humans today are polluting nature in such a way that the healing pace has fallen slowly. The use of plastic, emission of CO2, production of industrial waste, increased use of chemicals, deforestation, poaching, and oil spillage in water bodies are serious concerns today. These are not only polluting nature and are also degrading the quality of the environment needed for the survival of not only animals and birds but also humans.

Nature has inspired not only poets and writers but also the common man. All the great poets and writers like William Wordsworth have always given the nature a significant space in their writings and musings. Nature has the power to take us to the place of peace and imagination to free the emotions that been locked inside us. If those emotions and feelings get freed, then there is immense power in them to bring on the changes that are unexpected. Many people are currently working and getting linked with the nature conservation organizations to preserve and enhance the nature and beauty around us.
By taking small steps like planting trees, using biodegradable materials, stopping water pollution, animal conversation, and keeping our surroundings clean, we can help Mother Nature to breathe again and rejuvenate in the same way it helps us.
There is no question that Earth has been a giving planet. Everything humans have needed to survive, and thrive, was provided by the natural world around us: food, water, medicine, materials for shelter, and even natural cycles such as climate and nutrients. Scientists have come to term such gifts ‘ecosystem services’, however the recognition of such services goes back thousands of years, and perhaps even farther if one accepts the caves paintings at Lascaux as evidence. Yet we have so disconnected ourselves from the natural world that it is easy—and often convenient—to forget that nature remains as giving as ever, even as it vanishes bit-by-bit. The rise of technology and industry may have distanced us superficially from nature, but it has not changed our reliance on the natural world: most of what we use and consume on a daily basis remains the product of multitudes of interactions within nature, and many of those interactions are imperiled. Beyond such physical goods, the natural world provides less tangible, but just as important, gifts in terms of beauty, art, and spirituality.

The beauty of nature around us The beauty of nature around us is one of the greatest blessings of God on us.
This beauty allows us to choose places and many destinations for the sake of rest, recreation and the best of times.
The beauty of nature has always been the first inspiration for artists and creators around the world, This is evidenced by the vast number of works of art, poetry and music that have attracted people around the world, and which revolve around the beauty and charm of nature.
Man by nature is a creature eager to taste beauty, and there is nothing more beautiful than nature.
The manifestations of the beauty of nature for the beauty of nature are many manifestations.
Wherever a person turns his face he will inevitably find a manifestation of these appearances.
Perhaps the most striking of these is the unique diversity in the colors around us, which created a wonderful natural painting. Other manifestations include variations in sizes, shapes, even among the creatures of the same species.
On the other hand, one of the greatest manifestations of nature’s beauty is the beautiful smells of certain creatures, such as flowers, flowers, and certain kinds of fruits, especially citrus, Which is accompanied by seasons and certain times; like the smell of the earth after the rain.
In conclusion, nature has a powerful transformative power which is responsible for the functioning of life on earth. It is essential for mankind to flourish so it is our duty to conserve it for our future generations. We must stop the selfish activities and try our best to preserve the natural resources so life can forever be nourished on earth.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better “.