Past gets linked with today and tomorrow where our activities affects us.

The past is never where you think you left it

Everyone have their very own past. Someone had success story in it. Someone had failures too. But it doesn’t matter the past is something that shows who you are up to oru what you’ve been brought up.

The past is very important to anybody because it allows oneself to self evaluate himself, before he is judged by others. There’s lot of interesting things behind everyone’s past. If a guy knows his past, he knows what would happen in future.

The mistakes what we’d done in our past will let us and spare us time to change ourself before being struggled in future. There are many right thins too, which should be carried to the future. But there’s wrong too which should be left in past itself.

I’m very sure a successful man had a very bad past. The past influence a person to take an elevation of fall to rise. Many people nowadays running to fix things what we’d done in past, but the saddes truth is we can’t. Yesterday’s right may be wrong in future. Great things takes great time.

The past encourages us to lead a worthy life. The name, the position, the emotions, the character everything changes if we compare our today with yesterday. Every new day is new born to ourself. Peaceful life can be lead by us if we leave our past and work today so that good things joins at tomorrow. Yesterday is a comma today is a question mark and never let your tomorrow to be your fullstop.

You realize that our mistrust of the future makes it hard to give up the past.

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