Computers in detail


A computer is a machine that performs tasks and calculations according to a series of instructions or program operations (circuits, etc.) and software (OS, the underlying software that controls the hardware when the user issues instructions).


You don’t need a car, its function is the same as a jukebox that keeps playing tracks. For example, they want to tell the music box to play different music every time. They want to program the music box so that it can play different music. This part of the history of computers is called “the history of programmable machines.” “This is a concise sentence in the history of machines. When I speak their language, I can order to do different things.”

The role of computers in daily life

Today’s computers are fast, small and small. Powerful. Computers can save money, time and labor; otherwise it would take months or years to complete in a few seconds with computers. Launch satellites using a simple application on our desktop. According to the requirements, the storage capacity and speed of the computer will be different. For example, NASA and other companies that use high-speed supercomputers, because speed is an important part of your business. Computers are cheaper than smart phones. The essence is in hand. At home, computers provide opportunities to access social networks, read books, or work from home.In the office, they are the most important because they are the most important form of work. Although computers can help with almost everything from shopping to work to taking notes or playing games, people rely heavily on computers for almost everything. Computers make life easier and faster than ever. Large storage rooms are of great help to today’s business. The data received from different systems is stored on the computer for later use. In addition, previous shopping, reading, work, arithmetic, calling appointments and events or activating alarms all occurred in different places. Now everything can be done with our smart phone. If the book is bulky, it would be great to bring ten books. Now; millions of books are within reach. There is no need to check calendars anymore, because they have been replaced by reminders that automatically remind us of important events and clocks that only need to be activated once. These are some basic tasks that are performed daily, and it is difficult to work without a computer. Computers are no longer a luxury, they can be used in different forms on different platforms, for example as smart phones. Computers are also very helpful in medicine and have undergone extensive development in the past decade. Addictive.All in all, we can say that computers have profoundly affected our lives, and changes are no longer associated with ease, habit, and popularity.

The above is a small example of computers, but as far as modern technology is concerned, computers have changed our way of life. Computers are not only used for arithmetic but are now active in teaching, industrial purposes, automated processes, data management, analysis, personal and group entertainment, Music synthesis, professional photo and video editing, hardcore games, research goals, creating new software and applications to make life easier, shopping, banking, marketing, and even participating in the artificial creation of intelligent creatures with deep learning concepts and machine learning.