In Indian culture, marriage is very important to raise a generation.It is believed that the only goal of girls is to be married to someone .Girls only know one thing that they have to go to someones home after getting married thought to be a good wife, good daughter in law.
Just want their daughter to be good in their homes so that they should feel proud of them.Generally girls learn household work just only because one day they have to go to someones home as a wife and they have to do all those who work there

I think this thing is very wrong here if they have to learn household work then they have to learn for themselves then it is good. The first thinking of Gender inequality comes here in woman’s mind that the parents always forced them to do all these things just because they were female,. Why don’t they teach boys to do all those things?

It is changed in todays world but somewhere it is also the same as before.If boys just serve their own meal then a large argument starts in homes that why does their son serve their own meal. They have two sisters already.It is their job to serve everyone.

Just because of male dominance or patriarchal society. Women are not allowed to do what they like. Women are not allowed for studies just because parents think that if they study their expectations increases and parents faces many difficulties to discover a guy who is good for her.If women wants to go out of town for further studies they are not allowed just because of families in security or societal pressure at what if their daughters get attracted towards someone but why this is only for women? Men are always allowed to do what they want whether it’s a choice whether it’s the studies or whatever they want.It is all just due to thinking of everybody that girls have to do everything or they have to sacrifice their dreams, hobbies, likes and dislike just because they are female they have to go to someones home as a wife after marriage.

Just take an example – mom woke up early in the morning and from that time till late night they are busy in household work and It become daily routine because of this they forget how to enjoy their life.They sacrifice their dreams, hobbies, life for family. They don’t do anything for themselves because there has a lot of guilt attached with taking care of themselves, doing things for themselves. And we don’t even thinks about it. If we ask anyone Does your Mom eat something? Not only children her family members don’t know whether she take her meal or not.Just because we don’t notice this. why don’t we notice? It is just because of what we see from childhood.

In our culture, parents choose a guy for their daughters.How can two strangers live their whole life without knowing each other?


How can a normal marriage be?

All the proposal come through someone or other who tells the man’s family about lady or vice versa, then the man’s family would contact girl’s family or vice versa and then they ask for time and day to meet. Then match making occurs and then parents or family decide that both men and lady are made for each other.


Or what happens when this doesn’t work?

Women went through matrimonial hell. To meet random strangers and matchmakers, face a lot of judgements and criticism that leads to clinical depression and anxiety for them. They have to go through lots of rejection for just human beings.

How can anyone be judged by skin colour, body structure, body weight, height, & education?

And after all these women aren’t allowed to reject someone.If a guy is chosen by her family than women have to marry whether she wanted or not.

Everyone says women also have the right to choose their life partner, they are allowed to do what they want to do in their life. But in reality, just opposite is happening because we obey what parents want because this is what we see from our childhood.

It is not about matrimonial / marriage. It is about the Rights, wishes, likes and dislikes of a Woman who is been suppressed by either family or society. Just because of thinking…

Marriage is a very beautiful journey in everyone’s life. Just because of something we hate it or women thought that after marriage their life is going to hell. some women take it as a Golden cage or some take it as a most beautiful dream .so it depends upon how they think about it