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Kilimanjaro is a snow – covered mountain that is 19,710 feet high and is said to be the highest mountain of Africa ……. close to the western summit there is the dried and frozen carcass of a leopard . No one has explained what the leopard was seeking at the altitude.

Ernest Hemingway

In the above passage , two points draw the attention of the reader . First, the behaviour of the leopard was purposive – that he was trying to find out something by climbing on the snow -covered peak . Second, to understand the leapord’s behaviour , we would have to understand his purpose – what he was seeking . But one thing is sure that there was some force of motivation behind such action . Motivation is the main determinant of an individual’s behavior . The term ‘Motivation’ is derived from the word ‘Motive’ . Motive is a combination of of thought , feeling or condition that causes one to act . Motive can be for a short period or can be for a long longer one . If a child takes a colourful ball , he plays with the ball but if , in the meantime , he is attracted towards the other colourful ball , or toy, then we say that his motive for the first ball was a short period . But if a player wants to win gold medal at the international level and he/ she works hard for years to get the medal , we say that his/her motive is for longer period .

Human behavior is controlled , directed and modified through certain motives . When a person feels hungry and searches for food , we say that he/she is motivated by his/her drive , i.e. biological drive . When he/she gets food and is satisfied , we say that his/her drive for food has been fulfilled .

Motivation is one of the main psychological factors which affects performance . Motivation means to be inspired to do something . The definition of motivation is to give reason , enthusiasm or interest that causes a specific action or certain behaviour . Motivation is present in every function of life .

The following definitions may clarify the meaning of motivation more explicitly .

According to Crooks and Stein, Any condition , that might energies and direct our actions” is called motivation.

According to Sage, The drive to strive ” is called motivation .

According to Alderman, Motivation is the general level of arousal to action in an individual .”

Motivation is the inclination to persue and persist in activities related to one’s sports .”