• Dr Vikram Sarabhai – Indian National Committee
for Space Research (INCOSPAR)

• INCOSPAR renamed as ISRO (Indian Space Research organization).

• Department of Space.

• Vision of ISRO – Harness space technology for
national development, pursuing space science
research and planetary exploration.


Aryabhata – India’s first satellite .

Rohini – first satellite to be placed into orbit – Indian-made launch vehicle SLV-3.

Chandrayaan -1 – unmanned lunar orbiter, success.
• Mars orbiter Mission (MOM)
 India first nation to succeed on maiden attempt to Mars.
 ISRO – Fourth space agency in the world
 First space agency in Asia.

• Astro-Sat

 launched on September 28, 2015, by PSLV-C30
 Space observatory
 First dedicated Indian astronomy mission to studying celestial
sources in X-ray, optical and UV spectral bands simultaneously.

• ISRO launched 104 satellites – single rocket

• ‘Chandrayaan-2’ – Partial success, Orbiter successfully launched .

Chandraayan 3 – in pipe line.

 To meet the user requirements of the
positioning, navigation and timing services based on the indigenous system
 Navigation details in the Indian Ocean

• Upcoming mission – Gaganyaan : Indias
manned space mission