Through His Eyes

After an interview with a group of rapists, some interesting facts came out about how these rapists “choose” their victims.

 • The first thing they always notice in their victim is the “hairstyle”. They probably go after the women whose hair is tied in a ponytail, braid, or bun. Since these hairdos will make it easy for them to grab.
They usually go behind women who have long hair.

 • The second thing they look at is the clothing style. They’ll follow women whose apparel will be simple for them to remove.
It is also seen that they usually carry scissors around to cut clothing.

 • They focus on those ladies who are occupied on a call or searching for something through their purse because such women can be easily overpowered during such situations as they are distracted.


• They are bound to attack in the early
mornings between 5:00 am to 8:30 am as there wouldn’t be anyone to help around.

 • They also mentioned the place where they can easily attack their victims. Parking lots, garages, restrooms are most common among them.

 • These rapists don’t for the most part carry a weapon with them because rape carries a 3-5 years sentence whereas, rape with a weapon carries a 15-20 years sentence.

 • They mentioned that they don’t go after women who carry umbrellas or any other comparable object as it can be utilised from distance.

These are some common things found through the interview which will always help you to stay aware.

How to be aware or save yourself?

 • Always carry a pepper spray with you
 • Pinch the assailant in some sensitive parts very hard such as under the arms, inner thighs.
 • After this, always go for the groin!
It’ll be extremely painful for them.
 • You can also grab his fingers and twist them as much as you can.
 • Always be aware of your surroundings especially when you notice some odd behavior.

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