Common Man’s Woes During Monsoons.

Monsoons play an important role in our lives and they play a very crucial role in life of farmers. Without monsoons crops will not get sufficient water and hence, the agricultural sector will be badly hit.

Only wet regions may become wetter as climate changes – Physics World

But for the common man, monsoon can become a serious menace at times. Especially, since the recent floods in many metropolitans cities have revealed the lack of effort on part of authorities to solve the problem. The drains overflowed and laid bare the claims of civic societies about their preparedness. They claimed to have cleaned the drains way before the monsoons had hit but the truth is that they failed miserably. One of the causes behind this chaos is lack of strict laws and accountability of officials and the Ministries responsible for tackling the floods. The Government formulate, pass and implement strict laws regarding accountability for the projects launched to relieve people of their distress.

The poor and common man have to face the consequences of their responsibility. At times, car’s engine stop working due to flooding of water on roads. Also, the government should take an initiative to vigil these societies, so that from next season onwards, the problems are resolved and the common man get some relief.

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