“The only difference between success and failure is ability to take action.”….. Alexander Graham Bell


According to Wikipedia, “FAILURE is the state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective, and may be viewed as opposite of success.”

In another definition of “ FAILURE is the act of falling short of a goal of a person, who hasn’t achieved what they set out to. It is a cessation of proper functioning or performance or rather a decline in strength or effectiveness.”


Your action in your field of work, in your niche, in your desired goal of life, actually work like a decisive factor. If you feel harassed, defeated, exhausted, and give up pursuing, your efforts are bound to hang in the hands of destiny. These things leave you to procrastinate. Start moving away from the active zone and surrender to a gloomy laziness and here begins your downfall.

Now if you see this entire act in opposite train, you are able to penetrate and grip the reason of failure. You reschedule and reprogram your activity. You put more organised, alive and determined endeavour and keep faith within yourself, you are bound to hug success.


They are stepping stones to success, or to put it in other Words, they are the pillars of success. Since failures teach us to introspect or peep within, they make us think of our weaknesses and flaws and learn lessons from them and vow not to repeat these mistakes again in life. In this way they are a mirror to our real personality and provide scope for upgrading ourselves. Failures may discourage, depress, or demoralize. Most do shake a person’s confidence at least for some time but nor for ever. The real strength of a man comes out only when he faces the ups and downs of life with patience and perseverance.


Men of courage face each rejection courageously and come out unharmed and unblemished. Failures and sufferings bring out the best of human beings. They learn that life is not a bed of roses only; it is full of challenges, obstacles and obstructions which can be set aside with persistent hard work and repeated efforts. To achieve anything in life one has to be aggressive, as nothing is achieved by being passive or pessimistic. Fear of failure may be a hindrance for some people, but to any daring person, it is just an illusion. You may think something is standing in your way, but there is nothing there.

You have an opportunity to do your best and conquer success. If it turns out that your best was not good enough, you’ll just have to look back and say, maybe I was too afraid to try, it was not good enough. There is nothing wrong with that, but nevertheless, a great eye-opener.


Failure always made me try harder the next time. Think positive. and find fuel in failure’ is a sound advice. Failure will surely get you closer to where you want to be. The greatest discoverers had to face hundreds of failures before the final answers were found. The inventors, researchers and pathfinders had to encounter manifold hardships and opposition. But were they deterred by failures? Many often could not taste success but left great legacy to be followed by others to seek inspiration and take up their half-finished work. The world would not have progressed and the march to civilization would have halted if failures could dampen the spirit of the people. It is, therefore, advisable not to be discouraged by failures but to develop positive attitude to life, that obstacles are bound to be there. Only commitment to your mission must be steadfast.


Therefore, when failures appear awfully incontrollable and life appears miserable, one has to remember “The end part of every night is the darkest one and then comes the dawn.” Thus, when nothing appears to work out in the desired way and all roads seems to lead to failures, one has to just remember the advent of the dawn. Therefore, we shouldn’t drop hope but keep on trying till we achieve. No one knows, that the final round exertion may declare one a champion.