Jivaka Komarabhacca was a renowned legendary physician of ancient Indian and the personal physician of lord Buddha. Jivaka was lived in Rajagrha of the Magadha empire in 5th century BCE. He was the son of king Bimbisara and half brother of king Ajatasatru. Some sources say that jivaka was born for a courtesan who was called as amrapali but she discarded unwanted newborn baby in garbage dump outside the city of Ratnagiri in the kingdom of magadha. Fortunately, king bimbisara found the new born baby as live even in the harsh circumstences and named him as “JIVAKA” which means life.

Once as a teenager jivaka got to know about his birth secret and he felt ashamed of himself, later he decided to make money independently to repay for his adoptive father for his upbringing. The ayurveda medication forms has fascinated him a lot and he went to the greatest university of those times “TAKSASILA” to learn traditional medicine. He proved his excellence under the great guru of that time Atreya punarvasu. After completing his education jivaka became as a court physician to serve the king bimbisara of the magadha dynasty.

Jivaka was the most celebrated physician in India during the buddha time. Including king bimbisra himself sought for help from jivaka to cure his fistula problem and in some texts he is also depicted as a great surgeonist who performed many complex surgeries like brain surgery and surgery for volvulus etc… When buddha’s foot was injured because of the rock splinter, Jivaka helped him as a physician to cure the injury.

Later, he felt great pleasure to be as a physician to lord buddha and as he influenced by the teachings of buddha he showed interest in building monasteries for the monks. There is a saying that buddha did not accepted him as a monk but he accepted him as his lay disciple because buddha want him to remain free to help the sick people.

Even todays Thai massage therapy was also developed by Jivaka. His all medical techniques were stored in the form of jivaka sutras. Jivaka was an early physician than Bodhi dharma. His texts were even now stored in the chinese old buddhist libraries. Thailand people used to call him as father of doctors. He is also known as shivago kompara in Thailand.


Jivaka is such a great Indian physician and a great surgeonist but he is not that much well known to our Indians when compared with Thailand people and chinese. Thailand citizens constructed a gaint statue of jivaka for his traditional medication techniques but we as Indians, we forgotted about our great ancient personalties and today we are in a situation to seek help from abroad countries for small problems also. Finally, Jivaka always believed that prevention is more important than directly going for treatment.