World Sports Journalist Day: a tribute to those who make Sports beautiful!

Sports be it soccer, cricket or baseball or any other has some or the other time played a role in some of our lives. But sometimes we just overlook those who make our sports look more spicy and enthusiastic before us.


In 1994, International Sports Press Association established July 2 as “World Sports Journalist Day” as the organisation was found on July 2, 1924 and this was an effort made to honour sports journalists all over the world.

Sports Journalists do a lot of work before, dyeing and after sports matches, all of which are often overlooked. They’ve always played an integral part in transferring the information pertaining to sports to their ever loving audiences.

History of Sports Journalism.

Sports Journalism started in early 1800s when sports was beginning to get itself presented as a separate section in Western Newspapers. In early 1800s only elites could afford newspapers and as a result information relating to sports were restricted to horse riding or boxing , that is, the sports that were typically meant for elites.

In 20th century, New York Herald and New York World were two of the world’s first newspapers to cover sports journalism separately and have a complete full time sports department.

Slowly, the need and love for sports started to increase among the masses and that is why there was the demand for all together separate sports channels in television like ESPN and sports magazines like Sports Illustrated.

Digital Era and Sports Journalism.

Online Sports Journalism started when ESPN created its first ever sports website in the world in 1995. During initial years, only broad topics relating to sports were covered in Digital Sports but as internet expanded all over the world, many big and small bloggers, internet channels, web portals began covering all single and minutest topics relating to sports.

A majority of big and small websites are completely dedicated to sports and they also at times charge subscription fee from their readers. Search Engines like Google or Bing also provide information relating to sports during those days which are important for a particular sport.

Issues faced by Sports Journalists.

1) Deadline Pressures:

Sports journalists face deadline pressures than any other beat reporters as sports matches generally happen in late noon or in the evening and as a result reporters who’re covering sports or writers who’re into sports have to manage completion of work in shortest time possible.

2) Political Pressures

There has been an interlinking of sports and politics in the past. And if this is so, how can the media be kept away? Sports Journalists face lots of threats by certain sports associations that expect the journalists to cover sport matches in their own way and they also expect journalists to shape the public opinion.

3) Accusations of low objectivity:

Sports Journalists have also been accused of favouring or promoting their own favourite teams or players in the past. Some have also been accused of giving more preference to their home teams and this is one more challenge they face in the sports world.

In any way, Sports Journalists do a lot for their audiences to make the sport matches more interesting and entertainment their viewers or readers throughout and even after the matches. It’s important for us to celebrate them and honour them genuinely.