“No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body.” Abortion is the medical termination of a foetus and I believe it should be allowed because it was made for a reason. The doctors wouldn’t create abortion if they didn’t think it was right. Abortion should be the woman’s choice and not according to society because it’s the woman who has to carry the baby, take care of the baby and worry about its future. It is the woman’s body which is going through the changes. The mother could be financially unstable and not be able to provide for the baby so in such cases it’s better to abort the baby at the initial stage rather than make it suffer for the rest of its life. Yes the mother can have the baby and put it up for abortion but pregnancy completely changes a woman’s body and for some women it can be fatal and can cause infertility but lets imagine the baby is put up for adoption what is the guarantee that the baby gets into a family and even if we assume the baby has gotten into the family what is the guarantee that the family is good and not abusive.

in the case of a child with a severe disability like Progeria (child ages ) or butterfly skin their life expectancy is only a couple of years and even in that little life they suffer so much cuz of disease. In this case its better to abort especially people who are not financially stable they wont even be able to afford medicines for the diseases. Victims of sexual assault who become pregnant should be able to abort because they dint want this child. The incident that happened to them is already traumatic for them and the child is a constant reminder of what happened to them. there have been cases around the world where a mother who wasn’t ready to have a child has postpartum depression and has committed suicide or takes drugs or kills her own child. Aborting the child inside the womb does not cause pain to the child but killing outside definitely will.

That being said abortion should not be used negatively like for example female infanticide.. it should be used in the case of important situations. Honestly a person who wants to abort a child is going to do so whether legal or not….only difference is that if its allowed they will do it with professional help and if not allowed they will do it on their own by taking pills or through consumption of alcohol etc. in the end its only the woman’s choice as she’s the one who deals with the upbringing of the child and has to see whether she is ready to accept the changes that would happen to her both physically and mentally.therefore I would like to conclude this by saying abortion is not a evil thing to do as many people consider it to be. Infact it saves the unborn child from the fatalities he/she may experience due to the unwilling birth of it.

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