Smoking is injurious to health

Kill it before it kills you

Cigarette smoking is one of the major killers in the world .When a person smokes he simply invites all  kind of lung diseases and cancer towards its way . When people smoke they don’t realize how harmful smoking is for their lungs .Not only adults but also a lot of teenagers have started smoking . smoking cigarette is considered a boom and has become very popular amoung youngster.They  get influenced by their peers and don’t realize how much effect it can cause on their system .Smokers are at an increased risk for cancer of the larynx , oral  cavity , bladder , oesophagus , kidney and pancreas. Smoking causes five times increase in the risk of dying.

Several studies over the years say that’s the risk of lukaemia increases by 30% in active smokers . In todays time smokers who also get affected by corona virus are at higher risk as the virus also affects the lungs . Smoking decreases a persons immunity to fight disessea which is very harmful in todays times .Hence a person should realize the harm of smoking and think of being healthy and immune .

By Ishita Pillay