Western Ghats

Western Ghats extends from the Nilgiris in the north to Marunthuvazh Malai at swamithope in Kanyakumari district in the south.Height of the Western Ghats ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 metres.It covers an area of about 2,500 sq.km.Though the western Ghats is a continuous range ,it has some passes.The passes are Palghat,Shencottah,Aralvaimozhi,and Achankoil.The Niligris,Anaimalai,Palani hills,Cardamom hills,Varusanadu,Andipatti and Agasthiyar hillls are the major hills of Western Ghats.

Nilgiri Hills

The Nilgiri hills is located in the Northwestern part of Tamil Nadu.It consists of 24 peaks with more than 2,000 metres height.Doddabetta is the Highest peak (2,637 m)of his hills followed by Mukkuruthi (2,554m).Ooty and Coonoor are the major hill stations located on his hills.It has more than 2,700 species of flowering plants and the state animal Nilgiri Tahr is found in this hill.Much of the Nilgiris natural montane grasslands and shrublands have been disturbed or destroyed by extensive tea plantations and cattle grazing.

Anaimalai Hills

Anaimalai is located in the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.It is located to the south of Palghat Gap.Anaimalai Tiger Reserve ,Aliyar Reserved Forest,Valparai hill station,Kadamparai hydroelectric power plant are located on this hills.Aliyar and Tirumurthy dams are located at the foothills of this range.

Palani Hills

Palani hills are the eastward extension of the Western Ghats.Except it’s Western part,these hills are located in Dindigul district.Vandaravu(2,533m)is the highest peak in the Palani hills.Vembadi shola (2,505m) is it’s second highest peak.The hill station of Kodaikanal(2,150 m)lies in the south central portion of the range.

Candamom Hills

These hills are also known as Yela Mala hills located in the southwestern part of Tamil Nadu.It acquires it’s name from the Cardamom spice,which is commonly grown here.Pepper and coffee are the other crops cultivated over the hills.They meet the Anaimalai hills in the northwest,the Palani hills in northwest and Varusunadu and Andipatti hills in southeast.

Varusanadu and Andipatti Hills

Another eastward extension of Western Ghats is Varusanadu and Andipatti hills.Megamalai (the highway mountain),Kalugumalai waterfalls are found on these hills.Srivilliputhur Grizzled squirrel wild life Sanctuary is located in the southern slope of these hills in Vittudhunagar district.Vaigai river and it’s tributaries orginate in this region.

Pothigai Hills

It’s major part lies in Tirunelveli district with its southern slope in the Kanyakumari district.Pothigai hills are called with different names such as the Shiva Jothi Paravah,Agasthiyar hills and southern Kailash.These hills feature richest biodiversity in the Western Ghats.This area is known for its rich evergreen forest, waterfalls and ancient temples.Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve is located in this region.

Mahendragiri Hills

This continues range is situated along the border of Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli districts and is a part of the southern range of the Western Ghats.Its average height is 1,645 m.ISRO propulsion Complex ,a text facility for Indian sapce Reserch Organisation’s launch Vehicles and satellite propulsion systems,is situated on the lower slopes of this mountain.

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