Battery Recycling in India

Growth of Batteries:

Electronics are indisputably ruling the world. Right from the intractable mobile phones in our hands , to the versatile appliances that cook up our sustenance in the kitchen, the influence of electronics in our day to day lives is inexorable. Initially these devices were powered directly with AC power supply . As technology improved , people expected things to be handy so that they can carry them wherever they go. This is where the batteries came as a lifesaver. Although initially the batteries were huge in size and expensive , due to exploration of various chemistries they substantially got better. 

A Bloomberg report says that battery prices have been reduced by 88% in the last decade. They have always predicted that battery prices would fall to $100 per KWh by the year 2024. This indicates that the usage of batteries will increase at a rapid phase in the upcoming years.

Batteries a boon or bane?

When there are numerous advantages involved in an invention , it will forsure have its downside. Batteries were never an exception. Although the life of batteries has increased over the years , it will degrade after a certain period of time. Have you ever wondered where these batteries end up after their degradation? They end up in land and water bodies and contaminate their natural state. As a result of this the organisms living in the land and water ecosystem are subjected to hazardous chemicals which are causing reversible and irreversible effects on their heath. The dumping of batteries in an improper manner will also lead to global warming and depletion of groundwater levels. This Proves that batteries are definitely a bane if they are not properly disposed of.

Currently there are 250,000 EVs on the road in India which clearly states the amount of batteries that will reach its end of life by the year 2027-2028. Apart from these there are tons of batteries used in day to day devices we use. Imagine the effects on our country if these batteries are not properly disposed of. 

Every problem has its solution:

Problems lead us to ways of alternative thinking. One significant way to make the situation better is to recycle the batteries. But the percentage of batteries recycled is comparatively low. Indian government is significantly planning to recycle lithium ion batteries and are also offering support to companies which involve proper recycling of batteries. Tata chemicals have initiated battery recycling process in the year july 2019 with a smaller quantity of 100 kgs and now has expanded its capability to tonnes per month. They are also planning to enlarge their factories to facilitate recycling in a battery way.

Startups which are recycling batteries in India:

Even though some of the corporate ventures are showing interest in recycling batteries , some startups are really trying their level best to recycle the lithium ion batteries. This is a daring attempt and it must be appreciated in every possible way. Some of the startups which recycle batteries in India are as follows:

  • Lohum Cleantech.
  • Ziptrax Cleantech
  • Nunam batteries.
  • Ebikego

There are many other startups working behind the curtains to recycle and reuse the Lithium Ion Batteries. As consumers we have the responsibility of supporting these firms by providing them with batteries after their degradation and promoting the usage of recycled batteries.

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