Impact of Poverty on the environment

Poverty and environment are closely interrelated. … It also highlights the impact of poverty on environmental health.Poverty is a condition of having insufficient resources of income.It is a lack of basic human needs such as adequate nutritious food, clothing, housing,clean water and health services.Extreme poverty can cause terrible suffering and death.They often suffer from severe malnutrition, epidemic disease outbreaks.

The effects of poverty may also include poor nutrition,mental illness,drug dependence and crime.

Extreme poverty which threatens people’s health or lives and is known as absolute poverty.And a condition of having fewer resources or less income than others within a society or country when compared to world-wide averages is known as the relative poverty.

The cycle of Poverty,illness and limited opportunities becomes a self substaining process that passes from one generation to another.

Poverty and environmental issues

The increase in population and poverty has made an impact on natural resources and the environment in many regions.In many parts of the world, environmental degradation-the deterioration of natural environment including the atmosphere,bodies of water,soil,forest is an impact cause of poverty.

Environmental problems have led to shortage of food,clean water, materials for shelter,and other essential resources.As forests,land,air and water are degraded,people who depend upon these natural resources are adversely affected.

Various measures to eradicate poverty in human being include the following

⭐ Achieving self sufficiency by intensifying agriculture,argumenting green revolution, in increasing crop productivity through modern genetic and bio technological approaches.

⭐Increasing land and water resources.Expanding the area of cultivable lands, transforming dry lands into productive lands through irrigation water sheds development.

⭐ Prevention of land and water pollution by minimizing the usage of chemical pesticides and adopting biological control strategies for pest eradication.

⭐Establishment of industries and technologies and creating more avenues for employment and man power utilization.

⭐Establishing more primary health centres , hospital and orphanages for destitutes and diseased.

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