Pros and cons of learning online

Online mode of learning was always there in the market but it has been acquired by almost every institution, college, and school during the pandemic. Login…join a lecture…logout, presently this is what a student’s life sounds like.

So, is the online learning mode efficient enough? 

Well, be it online or offline it always depends upon the pupil. As everyone has a different pace of learning and acquiring things. The online mode may be suitable for someone or maybe not. But in this pandemic, the only option left to us is to learn online. 

So, it brings us to the next question. 

What are the pros and cons of online learning?

There are many pros as there are cons. So, let’s go through them very quickly.

Pro: Flexibility increased

One of the biggest advantages of online learning is the increase in flexibility. You can study at your own pace, you can choose where you want to study, and how you want to study. But this doesn’t mean that the workload is decreased, it will be the same. 

Con: No labs/experiments

Courses like engineering, applied sciences, MBBS need to be understood by experiments and lab practices, which is a major missing when it comes to the online mode of learning.

Pro: More Affordable

Transportation, books, eating at the cafeteria can cost thousands of bugs per semester. Which can be saved while learning online. You just need to pay the annual fee.

Con: Lack of social interaction

One of the biggest disadvantages of learning online is the lack of social interaction. Especially applicable for young undergraduates who should be interacting with people and making friends. 

Pro: Ease of access

In the online mode of learning, all you need is a computer/smartphone with internet access. All the study materials, assignments, and lectures are available either via email or a particular platform like Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, etc.

At the rate by which technology is developing, online learning may become the only option. Well, this you never know. Until the pandemic is over, one should practice discipline in regards to the timetable to learn in a better way.