The World of Nepotism

Welcome to the anti-meritocratic world, this world. What are you going to do about it? Will you stand back and watch while cronyism, nepotism, the old school tie, the private club, the right university, the right accent, the right background, the right secret society, the right religion, the right family, destroy merit so that their chosen ones can prosper at your expense. It’s time to smash the conspiracy. Break up all the mechanisms that allow privileged groups within society to rig the system in their favour and penalise anyone who doesn’t belong to their insidious cliques.

Michael Faust, The Meritocracy Party

Well , Its a very complicated questions . In the world, where one’s knowledge didn’t get recognition .

What would you do , when you get acknowledged not on the basis of your knowledge but on the basis of your relation with the owner ?

What would you do , if you don’t get promoted because you are not his /her relative ?

Do you ignore the fact that you are not the one , whom your boss approves?

Well , if you think it’s favouritism than you are absolutely correct . You may also come accross the word NEPOTISM and if you don’t than start reading the passage . (I did as well )

This 8 letter word is destroying everyone in today’s world. And who is responsible for creating such a hypocrite. We the people have to repose this curse and make sure to control it with our coming generations, else it will destroy the whole world. And there’ll be no humanity left in this world” –

Ikramul Hannah.


Nepotism is a the practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

Nepotism is generally defined as “the bestowal of patronage by public officers in appointing others to positions because of blood or marital relationship”.

Nepotism is found in almost all the fields but it is practiced most in business, politics, sports and entertainment sectors. It has been in practice since time immemorial, but some special cases have made it to the limelight in the past few decades.

Nepotism in India :

India has it’s fair share in the field of NEPOTISM . Well , have you ever expected that . I say , YES . Because being one of the largest country , people might become more thirsty for power . “When constantly reaching out for more, you forget what you have” Christine Szymanski.

Nepotism can be characterized as ‘the demonstration of utilizing force or impact to get out of line preferences for individuals from one’s family’.

You must be conflicted , why does nepotism exist even today ? We are living in 21st century , than why we have such orthodox thinking ? Who says no one can define what is going on in one’s mind ( well I say , isn’t is obvious ) .

From the politics to the Entertainment , from the owner to the customer, from the Bollywood to the Judiciary ; Nepotism is everywhere .

Like in OJO -MOJO , After the submission of writing competition , OJO’s class teacher asked him who wrote better . Is it MOJO or OLLY , what do you think whom he would choose . MOJO thinks OJO will choose OLLY because he likes her . But when the result announced MOJO was astounded because OJO choose MOJO’s writing . So , what do you think is it nepotism or not . Think and you will know the answer .

Bias has become the first qualification to join a party, and extreme bias the virtue to become a leader.