Dear Zindagi by Gauri Shinde is an unrewarded masterpiece. The movie narrates the story of Kaira, a young lady in her 20’s who is financially independent and successful than most of the people of her age. It shows the importance of childhood in an individuals life, and how it can impact their adult life. It is a beautiful story of self-discovery and freedom from the three dangerous words- ‘Log kya kahenge’. To, accepting herself and her truth irrespective of anyone’s disagreement (After all YOLO).

As adults we often carry the burden of unhealed wounds from our childhood traumas. We might not be aware of their presence for years until they start reflecting upon our relationship with others, as we grow up. Similarly, Kaira did not have a normal childhood with a happy family. She had various scars of abandonment, shame, hate, jealousy from her past. At a very young age she was left to live with her grandparents for years, until she failed in the 2nd standard and had to move back with her parents as it was very shameful for them. As a child she was always considered to be the rude, moody and ill-mannered by her parents and relatives but no one ever asked her the reason, why she behaved the way she did.

It was only after her break-up that she started having sleep issues and realized she had to consult a psychologist. Dr. Jahangir Khan, the best therapist one could wish to bring out of the reel world, is played by Shahruk Khan. He is an empathetic, compassionate counsellor who guides Kiara in her journey of self-discovery. The lessons taught by him go way beyond the movie and can be applied in the real life.
As children we are taught that wiping off our tears and hiding our emotions as it’s considered a sign of bravery whereas crying and showing our vulnerable side is considered to be a sign of weakness. However, in reality emotions are meant to be expressed, be it happiness or sorrow. Year’s of unexpressed emotions impact a person’s emotional health and later on express itself in the form of physical illness if not addressed.

Being a girl from the 21st century Kaira had to face various comments by the society which started to effect her self-worth. This is when Dr. Jahangir explained her the Chair Concept. So, when we buy a chair we look at different varieties of chair and make sure that the one we choose is comfortable for us and suits us. Then why not apply the same theory in choosing the right partner, after all he/she will be the person we decide to spend our entire life with.(And that surely has much more impact on our life than a chair, so why risk it)

The movie gives a simple yet deep message of self-love and self-discovery. It’s important for us to know and understand ourselves. The best way to know ourself is to go back and explore our childhood memories. Our childhood shapes our life in a way that we often don’t understand. It is only when we completely understand ourselves, we know what we want and what we deserve in life.