The expression “old is gold” has grown quite popular in your culture. On the surface, the statement appears to be highly subjective, and it certainly cannot be applied to every situation. People, on the other hand, have transformed this statement into a mantra to justify their conviction that everything was better in the past than it is now. They frequently prefer to reject that our contemporary civilization has anything nice or pure to offer.

The TRUE meaning

“Old is Gold” is a notion that encourages us to value something even if it is beyond its prime. This might be anything from a toy boat in the corner of one’s room to our grandparents or parents. The phrase serves as a reminder that just because something has aged substantially does not mean it is no longer valuable. With the passage of time, things can sometimes get better. The value of wine, for example, increases with age. “Old is Gold” takes a multiculturalist rather than a nationalistic perspective. We shouldn’t detest something that isn’t ours.

Setting the record straight

There are certain things from the past that would take years and years to replicate. That is undeniable. But the present has gifts, as impeccable as then. Women for example has better opportunities than they ever did in the past. In the past 1 out of 100 women would be allowed to pursue their dreams. The term “women” was used as a synonym for slaves and maids. Nowadays women has sored towards the sky like Shelly’s Skylark, and have their feet firmly planted in every field of life, ranging from education to sports. Dowry is no longer permitted. Thousands of families have died in the past as a result of their inability to pay the dowry. From a period when educational scope was extremely low, the school system has vastly improved. Education has evolved into a much larger notion, with students having a plethora of options to pursue. Superstations and its ill effects have slowly started to get wiped off the face of our society.

The one’s who misunderstand it

Those who misunderstand the notion are those who have not progressed. Couldn’t keep up with the fast pace of time. People who have slandered everything that the world has to offer. In their minds, they have conjured up a beautiful world. They imagined a future in which things are either infinitely better or exactly the same as they were in the past. However, this is not feasible. The world has changed.


Humans are distinguished from other beings by their ability to “grow.” We grow, we learn, we love, we go on, and we let go. The world will never grow if things stay the same forever. It would lose the gifts that have been given to it. It would rob mankind of the ability to learn, comprehend, love, and progress forward via the use of senses. Humanity is defined by our ability to accept and improve. Mourning over what’s gone and what’s could be, wouldn’t improve what it is. As the great Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

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