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Best Research Paper Topics of 2021

For your convenience, we have organized the topics into different categories. It will also make it easier to find the type of research paper topics you’re looking for.

Simple research paper topics

  • How important is diversity within the team, and why?
  • What makes one sport more accepted than another?
  • How would the world be different without the discoveries of Albert Einstein?
  • Rise of anime; what made anime admired worldwide?
  • Is the traditional music of a country foremost than the international music that is popular around the world?
  • What causes people to change their leisure time activities as they get older?
  • What is the best way to deal with procrastination?
  • What are hobbies more favored with children and adults in your area?
  • Are there hobbies you can easily do in your own country but not so comfortable when you go to another country? Why?
  • What are stereotypes of people from your country, and how true are those?

1. How important is diversity within the team, and why?

Why We Need Diversity

When we hear the word “diversity” we think of race and maybe culture. Of course, when speaking about the diversity of ethnicity, race and culture are key aspects. But diversity is much broader. Diversity cuts across all facets of our lives and it plays an important role, as important as helping us to survive.

Nature can teach us a lot about the value of diversity.

Nature includes a broad variety of plant and animal life. Such variability among organisms builds strength and helps in survival. For example, planting all the same trees in a park means that when one gets a disease, they all get the disease. Planting different varieties ensures that some will thrive while others may have to fight off pests.

Diversity leads to better health.

Among plants and animals, diseases are less prevalent when there is greater diversity.2 Pathogens cannot easily find their ideal hosts among a variety of different plants and animals, leading to lower levels of disease. And the passing of diseases is lower when there are lots of different kinds of hosts, as some will not be as receptive as others making the reproduction of diseases less likely.

2. What makes one sport more accepted than another?

The Burden of Information: Why Some Sports Are More Popular than Others

Three sports have long dominated in the United States: football, basketball, and baseball. Why? It’s all in the numbers.
In the 21st century, we’ve reached a time when access to sport, while still not perfect, has expanded to the point where youth can choose to play a variety of different sports.
Television and the media have rapidly increased coverage of sports as a whole and the Olympic movement has provided a regular, global audience to emerging and niche sports, in addition to the traditional mainstays.
Yet, throughout society, and particularly at the professional level, it’s obvious that the popularity of individual sports is uneven. In the United States, three sports: football, basketball, and baseball have long dominated the landscape.
It’s a fact that goes relatively unquestioned. Although you will sometimes see hockey added to form a “Big 4” or talk of the growth of soccer, there is little doubt that football, basketball, and baseball drive the American sports machine. Some others show up during an important event, or when something amazing happens, while others seem to be shut out entirely.
Of course, it’s only natural for some sports to be more popular than others — to have more fans, participants, TV viewership, etc.

3. How would the world be different without the discoveries of Albert Einstein?

Without Albert Einstein, We’d All Be Lost

Do you like your GPS? Thank his general theory of relativity, an astonishing feat of the human mind.
One hundred years ago this week, on Nov. 4, 1915, Albert Einstein, working alone in wartime Berlin, submitted the first of four scientific papers that would change the course of physics and our view of the cosmos. His general theory of relativity is perhaps the greatest achievement of a single human mind. Although it made Einstein the most famous scientist in history, he did not live to see the full impact of his ideas.
Only now, a century later, are we gathering apples from the tree he planted: black holes that tear stars apart and produce the most violent explosions in the universe; cosmic gravitational lenses that distort images of faraway galaxies, as if seen through a funhouse mirror. And perhaps the biggest wonder of all: a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the evolution of the universe. Amazingly, in just 100 years, humankind has uncovered 13.8 billion years of cosmic history.
Only after Einstein’s death in 1955 did his theory become an active and respected scientific field. Fifty years ago the first physical evidence of the big bang was observed. This famous cosmic microwave background or “first light”—a signal produced a mere 380,000 years after the creation—you can actually observe in your home. Roughly 1% of the static on a blank television screen is caused by light particles dating from the beginning of time.
The past decade has brought a new cascade of discoveries. The most important is that we now know precisely what we don’t know. Einstein’s theory allows us to measure the weight of the universe and thereby its energy content. This has been a shocker.

4. Rise of anime; what made anime admired worldwide?

Wind blowing at the most dramatic moment, lethal injuries that do not kill, unrealistic body standards, and waking up in an alternate world surrounded by cute girls can only mean one thing: Anime. Sounds crazy, right? Anime is certainly a unique genre of entertainment but that is what makes it even more appealing. People today are delving into the world of anime, influenced by celebrity fans, like Michael B. Jordan, Keanu Reeves, and Megan Fox. With an increase in the availability of anime, the community is gaining newcomers.
With the rise of popular anime like Boku No Hero (My Hero Academia) and the childhood nostalgia of Pokémon, the majority of people can say that they have seen at least one of the more well-known shows. But why are more people watching anime? What makes this form of entertainment so appealing? Is it the bright colors, the colorful characters, the crazy fighting, or the over-the-top story line? Well, the short answer is yes, but there is more to it than just that. Personally, I have found that anime provides an escape from daily life into a fantastical and crazy world. One of the reasons why I believe it is so popular is because of how unrealistic it is. It allows the viewer to sit back and not take things too seriously.

5. Is the traditional music of a country foremost than the international music that is popular around the world?

Kinds of music people listen nowadays are of different tastes and types. For instance, modern international pop and rap music, as well as classical traditional country songs all, vary from each other and people listen to them with great interests. This is because music has been part of our daily lives even in the ancient times. In this essay, reasons on why music is necessary for every Filipino people and  the importance of the Philippine traditional folk music over foreign songs that young Filipinos and Filipinas always hear will be discussed.
Music is a vital part of every Filipinos’ lives. Firstly, Philippine folks considered it to be one of the most popular and ancient modes of human expressions. It features largely in all histories and all cultures and indeed has been one of the main ways of passing on cultural traditions to new generations of the country. Secondly, because of this, many people view music as a positive influence for the societies. This influence on individuals is wholly beneficial as it is a long-established way of communicating and helping us understand the whole range of human emotion and experience in a more spiritual language than words can represent.

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