In today’s world people have started to make money from various stuff. It could be a small business they own or even benefiting from their skills to the fullest. The ratio of people working on small business raised massively during the pandemic as a lot of them had time to invest in something fun and advantageous. Doing a bit of research got me introduced to a number of ways that teens and youths, in general, can make money by staying at home and working according to their free hours.

Below is the list of side hustles.


Selling items on second hand is the easiest way to get rid of your old clothes (that are in a great condition) and also to make money out of it. We all have some clothes lying around in our wardrobe that we don’t wear anymore. We can try selling them to the people who are in search of something exact. Social media is a great platform where you can communicate with people, buy it can be also used to open your second hand shop and start selling right after.

second hand clothing store
second hand book store


These days a lot of people all around the world are working on their YouTube channel or are working to be an influencer on various platforms like Instagram and twitter. That is one way to entertain people with your skills and content! It not only gives you money but also fame that can be extremely helpful if you want to be on TV or in movies. If you believe you are funny and have tons of humor or skills that you can show the world then it is something you should try.

social media influencer


We all have some talents that can be used to earn money like painting, sketching, making jewelry, making candles etc. If you are highly interested in upgrading your art and making a profit out of it then you should try selling them on your own or helping some other artists to sell your work alongside to theirs.

Hand made jewellery


If you have a great interest towards pretty stationary like sticky notes, customized stickers, and art prints, then you can start your own business! You might want to own a printer and alot of paper, but it is something that is super fun and creative. Start creating your designs and sell them.

art prints


There must be a subject that you are exceptional in. Then try tutoring the ones who find it difficult. It serve as a great way to sharpen your knowledge in the subject as well as sharpen your teaching skills. If you aim to teach professionally, then this must be your catch.


Article by : Haniah Mirza

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