Women’s safety

Is India a safer place for women’s , A recent survey says in India every 20 min a girl has been raped and even it is considered as a traditional place even though not a safer place for women’s to live and India has been ranked the most dangerous country for the women’s to live

What is the reason behind this ? how can this be rectified ? does Indian Government taking it seriously ?

If we have to understand this situation we have to start from our childhood . we have been never thought that women is just a opposite sex nothing more than that this is one of the reason behind this . Another reason is presence of few women police and there is a tendency that the victims of sexual violence somehow brought it on themselves if they were dressed in modern. In a 1996 survey of judges in India, 68 percent of the respondents said that provocative clothing is an invitation to rape.Perhaps the biggest issue, though, is women’s overall lower status in Indian society. For poor families, the need to pay a marriage dowry can make daughters a burden. India has one of the lowest female-to-male population ratios in the world because of sex-selective abortion and female infanticide. Throughout their lives, sons are fed better than their daughters, are more likely to be sent to school and have brighter career prospects.

Making law’s severe and punishing everyone is not a solution for this situation . People should be educated properly from their childhood. After a 23 year old medical student in Delhi has been brutally raped in bus which turned everyone’s attention towards India . There several things you need to follow to keep yourself safe while returning to home from work or staying alone at home : When possible, avoid walking alone. Walk with someone, or walk in areas where other people are near , Don’t let a stranger inside your home to use the phone; make the call for him ,Never admit that you or a neighbour are home alone .

In the recent past Delhi has been called as the rape capital of India due to numerous rape cases arose in the past . After this India has made the laws very severe and made police to patrol during night time to ensure safety and made several arrangements for the women’s working on a night shift . But expecting our laws to change is foolishness its better no change ourselves

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