Work from Home culture

Work From Home is the new normal. After a decade or so when someone will be talking about the year 2020- 2021, he is surely counting in the work from home that emerged as a part of daily routine of the working class.

The definition of Work from home totally changed in these years. It is not new but, it used to be optional. As pandemic restricted things to a certain extend both the personal and professional life of people changed extremely. Now, the scenario is that most of the people are bound to their laptops and phones maximum time of a day, just like students of every age group are trying to adapt to this new change so are the professionals as it was totally unexpected.

People have mixed views about the work from home culture as some of the company heads and CEO claims that the employees have done well in work from home and the productivity has increased whereas, on the other hand the people who are actually working from home says that productivity is hampered also, they feel more stressed and frustrated than usual. Moreover, it can be seen that work from home, which is the only option for working professionals has-
Jumbled work life
Adapting to new changes is what we learn, a person who can easily adapt is considered valuable professionally but, it has taken far beyond adaptability, work from home has actually jumbled the personal life and professional life of almost every person.

Nothing new
Working in office cabin, meeting your colleagues daily, work break and the whole vibe of what we call work is dead. Sitting at one place, attending seminars, phone calls, video calls, virtual presentation has turned things upside down and work does not seem exciting and worth exploring to many instead, the increased work pressure and total dependence on technology has made things boring.

Future concern
The way work from home is implemented, there is a high possibility that in future companies tend to follow the same as this not only saves their office space but, it is a simple method of cost cutting the expenses related to employee in different aspects. Bill Gates has already announced that he is looking forward to continue work from home policy for Microsoft employees post pandemic. So did Facebook, there are clear chances of permanent work from home even after the situation gets normal.

Work from home culture can prove beneficial in some cases like-
• The employees who have to travel a lot to reach offices find it convenient.
• Since employees are working from home, they can devote time with family side by side. And the employees who are living away from family due to job can now stay home and work.
• Some people find the home environment more suitable for working purpose as they can focus more.
• It provides a little flexibility and ease at the same time

Depending on the requirement of the company and employee work from home can serve in both bad and good way but, it is also important to note that things beyond limits can create more harm thus, a balance must be maintained.

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