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July 4 is the 185th day of the year (186th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; 180 days remain until the end of the year

4th of July in American history

Its the Independence day and the day of celebration for America. It is remarked on the year of 1776 during which the US got its independence from the great Britain. Its the day that represents the country’s liberations from Britain , giving them their rights ,liberty and their happiness. On this day all states in and around of USA celebrate the joy of independence with the fireworks, which is one of the largest display works. It is a day of federal holiday in united states. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject to the monarch of Britain King George III and were now united ,free and independent states. Independence is not free of cost . As usual it has to pay for it. A revolt  broke out in April 1775, which sparkled the fire of independence.

And finally after the revolutionary Americans continued to commemorate Independence Day every year, in celebrations that allowed the new nation’s emerging political leaders to address citizens and create a feeling of unity.

4th of July in Indian history

Freedom is not given; it’s taken 

Netaji Bose

 In the year of 1947 the “Indian Independence Bill” is presented before the British House of Commons, proposing the independence of the Provinces of British India into two sovereign countries: India and Pakistan .

In the year 1789 an Agreement made between British East India Company, Peshwa of Pune and Nizam of Hyderabad to attack Tipu Sultan territory.

In the year of 1966 the Press Council of India was first constituted on 4th July, as an autonomous, statutory, quasi-judicial body, with Shri Justice J R Mudholkar, then a Judge of the Supreme Court, as Chairman under The Press Council Act, 1965.

In the year of 1999 India Army recaptured Tiger Hill.

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