Detail facts about Cafe and some kolkata’s famous theme based cafe

What is cafe?

A café is sometimes called a coffeehouse or a coffee shop or tea shop in English, a café in French and a bar in Italian. But a café is a type of restaurant which typically serves coffee and tea, in addition to light refreshments such as baked goods or snacks. The term “café” comes from the French word meaning “coffee”.

A café setting is known as a casual social environment where you can find people reading newspapers and magazines, playing board games, studying or chatting with others about current events. It is known also regarded as a place where information can be exchanged.In some countries, cafés are designed to more closely resemble restaurants whereby offering a range of hot meals and possibly licensed to serve alcohol.

What is ‘Internet Cafe’?

A new type of café, known as the Internet café, was introduced in the 1990s and went hand in hand with the rising prevalence of computers in society. Computers and Internet access in a contemporary atmosphere created a youthful, modern public space compared to existing locales including traditional bars and old-fashioned diners.More recently alongside the growing popularity of geek and gaming culture, gaming cafés have also begun to open in cities worldwide. Nowadays, many cafés offer public wireless Internet or even have computers, telephones, and newspapers for customer use.

Why Are Café Chains Performing So Well in India?

Rising middle class, growing brand awareness, and the availability of international experiences at home are fuelling the coffee culture in India. Luxury, comfort, and status symbol are significant factors driving the café chain boom in Indian cities. Clean washrooms, conducive sitting spaces, Wi-Fi, and electricity sockets are active ingredients contributing to the phenomenal growth saga of café chains in the country.While today’s cafés are popular with youngsters and college goers too, these people are decidedly more ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ compared to their older generations. They are looking for more variety in their coffee and an Instagram worthy ambience and décor. For instance, decades ago, Kolkata’s iconic Indian Coffee House was a hot-spot for students from nearby schools and colleges, academicians, and intellectuals. It was more about the ‘addas’ and debates one could have with their friends, peers, or seniors on topics ranging from cinema, football, literature, and art to politics and global issues.

Entry of the Game Changer

The entry of Café Coffee Day in 1996 transformed the beverage experienced in posh, 5-star setting into a people’s drink, observes Cafespaces —a blog run by the research team at Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University. One of their posts mentions Café Coffee Day or CCD (as it’s better known as) as the market leader with 46 percent of the market share in India, vending over 100 million cups every day through 1,538 outlets and 31,500 coffee machines across 219 Indian cities. CCD is without a doubt the game-changer, a pioneer of coffee culture in India.

What Has World’s Biggest Coffee Chain “Starbucks” in Store for India?

Coffee consumption in India has grown by 40 percent over the past decade, a golden opportunity that Seattle-based global coffeehouse chain Starbucks aims to leverage. The joint venture kick-started with the launch of India’s first Starbucks outlet in October 2012, at Mumbai’s Horniman Circle.Now, Starbucks serves seven Indian cities — Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata — with over 100 coffee stores. Starbucks outlets in the city of joy, Kolkata, reflect the iconic coffee heritage of the multinational brand. Besides these popular metro cities, the global café chain intends to expand its presence in fresh markets to introduce more Indians to the world famous Starbucks experience.

3 famous theme based cafe in kolkata :-

1.Tintin & The Brussels Club :- Hindustan Park, off the busy Gariahat junction, is such a typical old south Kolkata street, that you are bound to pull short as your eyes fall on a cut-out of Tintin and his dog Snowy standing against a tree. Almost immediately you notice the signboard, Tintin & The Brussels Club.Take the narrow lane that leads inside. On one side is a long poster with line drawings from the famous Adventures of Tintin comic series.

Timing: Open every day, noon to 11pm. Advance booking recommended. They also have piano recitals on Saturdays.

Contact: 9038766666

2. Hobbits Cafe :- Located in a narrow lane not far from the Golpark roundabout in south Kolkata, the place was easy to reach yet far from the noise of traffic. The brightly painted exterior of Hobbit’s Café is a sharp contrast to the mute shades of residential buildings around it. A bunch of orchids hang from the heart-shaped window. Inside, it is low-roofed and small but not stuffy. Décor is minimal but enough to make a hobbit feel at home – framed quotes from Tolkien, a map of the Middle Kingdom painted on the wee door that leads to the kitchen, a bunch of creepers in a corner, the hint of an exposed wall (paper) in an alcove. A long sofa with bright cushions.

Timing: Open daily, except Sunday; from 12.30pm to 9pm. Expect a queue during weekends and holidays.

Contact: 9073643939

3. Seven Kingdom Café and Grill :- The moment you walk into the Seven Kingdom Café and Grill, tucked inside a relatively quiet neighbourhood in Salt Lake, on the eastern fringe in Kolkata, you immediately know that it has been set up by a die-hard Game of Thrones fan.There are seven tables, each named after a house – Arryn, Baratheon, Greyjoy, Lannister, Stark, Targaryen and Tyrell. Dragons, maps and symbols adorning the walls. Flags. Portraits of the major characters. GoT theme music playing in the background. And there is the Throne, made of sharp swords with golden hilts and the bejewelled crown. A GoT fan is bound to feel at home here.

Where: BH- 40, Sector 2, Salt Lake (Bidhannagar), Kolkata 700091; not far from the Karunamoyee bus depot or ask for the Kathgola roundabout. Wi-fi available.

Timing: Open all days, 11am to 10pm.

Contact: 9831178085/9064734123

There is many more theme based cafe all around Kolkata. And those are the most excellence reflection of kolkata’s cafe culture. May you are from kolkata Or not but those cafes are must visit for you all.