Cyber crime which includes the use of the computer as an instrument to further illegal activities which involves committing fraud, cyber bulling, tracking of their privacy, trafficking in children pornography, stealing identities, creating threats, violating privacy. This cyber crime is also called as computer crime or internet crime. This cyber crime takes place or comes into existence through the internet and it as become an ever more serious and threating problem. It is because all the people or individuals in the present generation carry out more of their daily or personal activities through android smartphone or online and this cyber crime problem is very big and as very much widespread all over the World especially on the life of the youngsters and as the computer or desktop are become central to commerce and other bussiness transactions.

Most of this cyber crime attack takes place on the personal or professional information about an individual’s, youngsters, corporation or Government or any other entities. As we know that this attack do not include physically in human body but still they cause various unforseen situation in the minds of the people or private securities which are in terms of information, photos, chats, or any other confidential documents. In the present digital age our virtual identities are essential elements for our everyday life at present we are living our journey of life with number , data, or websites which are owned by others .

The internet service provider ISP act as the storage body 6obstore all the information, transaction. Cyber crime that targets computers are often involved in change of viruses and other type of malware in order to hack the opposite devices. The persons called the cyber criminals make such disease spread in systems and damage the devices and completely stop their working.

These are the number of cyber crime which we don’t have knowledge about its identities or existence E-mail or websites fraud, theft of financial,card payment data, cyberextortion which involves demanding cash from the individuals, links frauds that identifies fraud which involves taking away the personal information such as login password, OTP, pin number and cyberespionage were the cyber criminals take initiative to hack the Government or organisation or other entities data.

The person or individuals don’t have the technical knowledge to overcome this problem and lack sufficient skills. The technical expertise often lack sufficient training manpower and time to tackle any such issues. To right this problem successful we must engage all the individual in the IT community and those who are affected directly or indirectly by such criminal activities . When planning security one must take consideration not only the method by which internet access is taken to a system but also we should software programs which are used to interact with internet based resources with a bit of effect to keep the software up to date and have two step authentication and security software which will act as an protection to avoid such attacks.

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