Have we all forgotten Hathras Rape case ?

A very prominent example of how caste have its root in Indian Society is the recent Hathras Case. The case brings into limelight the issues of pollution and purity of the caste system which has prevailed in the Indian society from centuries before. The idea of caste and stratification had been existent in India since the times of Varna system. And till date this system has not faded in India especially for the lower classes. As you go higher in the system of stratification the more the chances of caste system fading out.

The case of Hathras throws light on the cruel side of patriarchy and caste system. A 19 year old Dalit girl was gangraped by 4 men. Men belonging to the upper caste. This issue talks about two different aspects. One is the aspect of the caste system about how the women was from a lower caste and the men from a higher one. While the second aspect is about the system of patriarch, which has been ruling India ever since the beginning of times. The case had a lot of controversies attached to it, the police investigating it even claimed that ​the girl was not raped. To top with all of this the body of the girl was cremated by the police itself without seeking the permission of the family. The girl was not given dignity in her life and death too. 

The policemen investigating the crime were adamant about denying that the girl was raped and kept on blaming the victim rather than investigating about the circumstances leading to her inhuman death. Even the media who tried to tell the truth were also manhandled. This shows the cruel side of how money and power can win over the justice and victims. The case gained its momentum because of how the girl was cruelly killed and denied dignity in her death too. This was possible mainly because the men were of higher caste yielding power to control manpower as they wish. The roots of caste system and patriarchy is deeply connected. 

Something that we see very common in India is the justice served to the rape victims. The daily raising numbers are worrisome. And the delayed justice acts as a barrier for many victims to even file a case. So many of these problems are connected and erasing of one system can always diminish or erase the other one too.

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