Five COMMON things that ruin Friendship!!


You won’t deny that Friendship is a boon to every one of us, but losing up a friendship can be the worst thing that happens to us. No one loves the heartbreak of losing someone who was like family but still ends up losing them. There can be many things that spoil Friendship but below are five common factors discussed in short.

1.The jealousy factor:

Feeling jealous is a natural thing. But if you are a true friend, then getting jealous of your friend’s success can easily ruin the bonding. Being a true friend means you should know to celebrate your friend’s success.

2.Lack of transparency:

Of course, you talk for hours but are you guys transparent and honest enough to tell each other where you are wrong? Sugar-coating everything in a friendship shows that you are staying with each other for the benefit.

3.The trust issues:

Every relation is composed of trust, and so is Friendship. If you share something confidential with your friends and spill out it in front of someone, then it’s clear that they are not your friends. And once you realize that the relationship ends permanently.

4.Lies :

If your friends lie on everything to hide situations and show their good side, you won’t keep up the Friendship. And nobody wants a friend who lies on everything.

5.Spending too much time on each other:

Yes, this sounds a little unusual, but this too can be an important reason. Spending all your spare time with your friends reduces the spark in the bonding. It happens because with passing days you will start feeling suffocated when you won’t give time to your family and other important people in life.


There are already many obstacles we face daily, and we can have hundreds of reasons to end a relationship, but finding just one reason to stay together is always a good idea. We can’t make friends too often because we all know that it takes months and years to find our true gems. If things are scattering, find ways to tackle them rather than easily let go of those special people.

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