Gratitude is  the characteristic of being joyful and is the willingness to express gratitude for and reciprocate kindness. According to Harvard medical school “People express thanks for the wonderful things in their lives As a consequence of which gratitude allows people to connect to something bigger than themselves whether it’s other people, nature, or a greater force.” 

It serves as a reminder that you have enough and that you are sufficient. 

Gratitude is a life changing habit because it has plethora of scientifically validated advantages. People who consistently practice gratitude in their daily lives by setting aside time to notice and reflect on the things for which they are grateful about get endless advantages as follows:-

  • Enhances mental well-being

Gratitude has a significant positive effect on psychological well-being. It boosts our self-esteem, stimulates positive thoughts, and elevates our optimism. In an older research from 2003 it has been found out that gratitude was connected to enhanced mood. Recently, According to a study published in 2020, expressing thankfulness on a regular basis might help alleviate anxiety and depressive symptoms.

  • Immune system booster

Gratitude has been demonstrated to aid in the development of a positive attitude. Over the years various researches have been conducted which shows improved immune system and lower stress levels as a result of practicing gratitude. According to a 2004 assessment of data, stress reduces the immune response to possible physiological threats, but mental well-being can assist your body fight sickness which can be done by being thankful. 

  • It multiplies happiness and makes you a happier person 

Many researchers have found out that Gratefulness and happiness are inextricably linked. Practicing to be grateful might be a simple and effective strategy to increase your happiness. Gratitude, whether expressed or received, makes both people happier and allows them to see things in a more positive light which helps in lowering our focus on negative emotions and accepting everything about our situation if its bad and good.

  • It also helps in building better relations 

Gratitude is essential in the formation of new connections as well as the strengthening of old ones. According to a 2010 study, spouses who expressed appreciation to one another reported higher relationship satisfaction and pleasure the next day. Thus, it can be said that Gratitude might make couples feel more happy with one other in love relationships and help them in building a strong relationship with each other.

  • Boosts optimism

It also makes a person optimistic who thinks that good things will happen. It can be concluded by seeing the result of 2018 study which states that gratitude practice might help you create an optimistic perspective if you’re not typically optimistic. A study was also conducted in 2003 on participants in which Participants felt more hopeful and positive about their current lives and the future after just 10 weeks of frequent gratitude practice.

So, I want to conclude that Gratitude is essential for bringing about change in one’s life. It relieves tension, makes you humble, and improves the quality of your relationships. It takes away your bad energy and replaces it with positivity. I believe that everyone should master the art of thankfulness in order to witness a positive shift in their lives. It can be done by making a gratitude journal of your own, meditation and Paying attention to the small pleasures in life which will offer you a lot of delight andshall almost certainly have a beneficial long-term impact on your mental health and well-being, if practiced daily.