No matter where you look when you think of the effective tupe of diet which you can have and the importance of vegetable for our health is being proved in all researchers. A large study which was recently conducted in Spain found that have the lowest depression rate because of the rich in vegetables and their consumption. Comparatively vegetables arr rich and cheaper sources of vitamins. They play key role in neutralizing the acids produced during digestion and fatty . Their are a wide range of vegetables that gives us more choices and which have their own nutrients benefits.

looking on some nutritious vegetables the 1st highest rated vegetable is green leafy which as full of vitamins, minerals, phyto-chemicals to fight diseases, contains a lot of water level which helps to keep us hydrated this are rich in Ron, folic acid, and other vitamin like K,C. It also has rich in antioxidants that lowers blood pressure and benefits heart health.

Kale is very popular leafy green vegetable that provide around 7 calories and vitamin such as A,C,K.

cauliflower is an perfect source of vitamin C ,A,B-complex and E evry single cauliflower contain antioxidant called Indole-3 carbinel that help cancer recovery that have low in calories,very lie sodium and has not fat cholesterol,rich in protein,iron, calcium and magnesium. Green peas are the best source of fiber,iron, and vitamin A,C and B1 which is essential for energy production, nerve function and provides 9 gram of Biber per peas and contain 134 calories which are best source of plant based protein for people who are vegetarian or vegan diets.

Onion and garlic are the verb that protects against stomach cancer, blood clots and improves lung function in case of asthma and garlic contains amino acid which act as an antibiotic and bactericidal effects

Carrots are the 1st rated richest good in vitamin A for healthy eye sight and also have cancer fighting properties that contain 53 calories which help to keep our blood cholesterol level control and keep your skin healthy.

Sprouted have the 8 calories and amount of vitamin K that improves the digestibility and Increase the dietary fiber content. These sprouts also boast several compounds that contribute good health.

Beets and beet juice have the rich calories of 58.5 and 442mg of potassium that improves heart helath and lowered blood pressure in healthy people. These benfit people with diabetes that contain alpha-liopic acid.

Enjoy range of vegetables daily to boost your helath benefits as possible.

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