Is Digital a future ?

As a student of marketing we all believe that we are goanna be placed well and we are opportunistic but is that real ? . if u ask me its a big no things will not be standard untill we graduate. we all are being lied that we are gonna be placed in a good company but the truth is.

How do we prepare ourselves for the better future ?

Its simple for us to say work hard but that will be so funny when you cant find rightful resources when this internet is full of ads and paid E – Commerce sites to take our attention let me say how you can prepare yourself best way to learn something is to learn yourself . set a proper goal and try to learn each and everything related to those thing not only learning will help us we have to implement practically.

How to learn digital marketing ?

Digital marketing is nothing new without knowing we are already in digital marketing for example YouTube , Twitter , Instagram , Facebook and so on are the important platform of digital marketing . So , try to create your own website lets a gaming channel or whatever you like and try to find a way to attract people with your contents and make sure you do learn something from it . Don’t make a large investment before you get something in return and try to monetize yourself.

Digital marketing a future

In 90’s people bought products based on what they say on advertisement but now people dont have time watch tv’s and most of them have changed to smart TV so marketing needed a change then came the digital marketing i wont say that advertisement will be total failure that’s for a different conversation . Now its about DM a survey says that Internet users across India spend nearly six and half hours online daily in the third quarter of 2020. by another 5 years it will be doubled so DM is the only way to make people see our product . so people who are planning to take marketing as a career should concentrate on his/her skills on digital marketing ( e- mail , YouTube , twitter , Facebook marketing )