Movies with social causes

All kinds of movies impact our society and popular culture. Let’s look at movies in the last decade that have woven a social message in the fabric storytelling.

3 idiots (Rajkumar Hirani, 2009)

The movie has a social message in different scenes. It shows how parental pressure can sometimes be extreme, and lead a child ending his/her life. The most important message in the movie is that any child if he/she is poor/rich needs an opportunity for good education. This is emulated by the protagonist, Rancho, who is the son of a house help and given the opportunity to study. Rancho, who comes out from top of his class, takes the path less travelled, and shows that there are more ways to give back to society and can become successful in life. He earn a respectable living also.

Taare Zameen Par ( Aamir Khan, Amole Gupte, Ram Madhvani, 2007)

The movie uses all its characters to depict different kinds of people that make our society. The movie explores the needs of special children and what society do to help them. This movie shows that how a special child can overcome his obstacles and can become successful in life. Every individual is gifted and how pursuing their inherent interest will only result in excellence.

P.K (Rajkumar Hirani, 2014)

Aamir Khan plays PK, an alien, who comes to earth and loses the device that is necessary to take him back to his world. In search of the device, Aamir Khan comes across many problems. The movie delivers the social message that there are many elements in the society who have managed to make man forget that, be it any religion – values are not convoluted, and were never meant to be.

Mardaani ( Pradeep Sarkar, 2014)

In this movie, protagonist Rani Mukherjee is an educated and empowered women who makes no bones about being in a male dominated field of work, and feels absolutely comfortable. The movie represent the very important issues such as child trafficking and child sex rackets. It also has a social message about just how vulnerable the kids, the kids are innocent especially the kids who are on the streets that is why they are quickly get robbed.

OMG! Oh My God (Umesh Shukla, 2012)

No one expected Akshay Kumar to come out with a movie that would disrupt religious sects. The movie exposes the people who have commercialized God and

faith, and play with emotions of simple, many times poor Indians.

So, these are some of the movies with social causes.

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