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Legendary Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar passed away

Legendary Bollywood actor Dilip Kumar passed away today. He was one of India’s earliest and most famous film actor. His age was 98 years and died in Mumbai. Dilip Kumar acted in more than 65 films over nearly five decades and is known for his iconic roles in movies like […]

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Gender equality

Gender equality can often be achieved just by holding everyone to the same standard. The problem, as highlighted by the evidence reviewed above, is the irrational gender bias that women […]

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India’s first Covid patient again tested positive

She was a student from Kerala’s Thrissur enrolled at a medical college in China, who was the first Indian to test positive for Covid-19 in January 2020 after returning to India following the outbreak of the pandemic, has been infected again, a health official said on Tuesday. Thrissur district medical […]

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Movies with social causes

All kinds of movies impact our society and popular culture. Let’s look at movies in the last decade that have woven a social message in the fabric storytelling. 3 idiots […]

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Aamir Khan after divorce announcement with Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, recently seperated after 15 years of marriage. They shared a video on the YouTube page of Paani Foundation and spoke to their fans. Paani Foundation is a nonprofit foundation founded by Aamir khan, Kiran Rao and the team behind the Satyamev Jayate show. Aamir began […]

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