We have to travel via roads almost every day to go to school, college, office, shops, visit relatives and friends. We need to be safe on the roads. Road safety refers to the methods and measures used to prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured.

Need for safety on Roads

It is a saddening fact that India is the world’s largest contributor to road accidents. India accounts for about 10% of roads accident fatalities at worldwide. Road crashes have a threatening impact on Indian lives, growth and economy.

Causes for Road Accidents

Distracted driving

This is a larger threat and the leading cause for road accidents. It is the distraction of the driver, engaging in any other activity while driving. It may be talking over the mobile phone or texting message or engaging in any activities with attention diverted from driving.

Reckless driving

It is a major traffic violation of rules. It is defined as the mental state in which the driver purposely disregard the rules of the road.

Night driving

An extra alertness is needed while driving at night. The uncontrolled sleep, tiredness due to long drive, poor lighting on the road can cause fatal accidents.


Tailgating refers to a condition where a driver drives behind another vehicle without leaving sufficient distance between them. In this condition, if the vehicle in front of him, stops suddenly, his own vehicle will crash with it.

Heavy Traffic

Increase of vehicles on the road create heavy traffic jam and cause more pollution.

Road conditions

Road expansion is very slow when compared to the expansion of vehicles.

Avoidance of safety gears

Avoiding the use of helmets for two wheelers and seat belts for four wheelers lead to unwanted happenings.

Impatience of Pedestrians

Impatience of Pedestrians and violation of traffic rules result in accidents.

Other causes

Drunken driving, jumping red light over speeding and unmanned railway crossings cause great damage to valuable lives. Due to this, many families lose their breadwinners.

Road Safety Rules

Every country has its own road safety rules and regulations for the best interests of its citizens. India also has designed road safety rules for protecting the road users from meeting with accidents and injury.

As per the Indian law, one should be eligible to get a driving licence at the age of 18. While driving use of mobile phone is prohibited. Sound horn is prohibited near a hospital or a school zone.

Preventive Measures


Through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of the India has taken earnest steps for reducing the number of road accidents.

☆ Taking steps for the rectification of accident black spots and improvement of road engineering.

☆ Ensuring the good functioning of the traffic signals and road signs at busy crossing roads.

☆ Constructing proper roads both in urban and rural areas.

☆ Installation of CCTV cameras to record high speed offences which can detect the offenders.

☆Prohibiting the act of digging or hoarding soil from roads

☆ Remove encouragement and maintain proper pedestrian ways for ensuring road safety. If the public are violating the traffic rules, it is the duty of government to correct the public and maintain order. Stringent actions are to be taken for the violation of any road safety rules.

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