The Power of your Subconscious ind by Dr. Joseph Murphy

Every single person has a desire for something but they still live in the fear of feeling this fear leads into somewhere in the darkness and if you are that one person who lives with this fear of feeling the book that may help you overcome the fear and make you a man with positive thoughts.

The Power of subconscious Mind. The book is written by Dr. Joseph Murphy and it was published in 1962. This book is published in a lot of languages but English is the first language.

There are 20 chapters in this book and all these 20 chapters really important topics.

The very first chapter of the book says that there is a “Treasure house inside you” and that treasure house is your subconscious mind and there is infinite intelligence in your subconscious mind. If you are wondering that you can do something and if you are trying to find a solution to certain problems then you have to look inside yourself and you have to look inside your subconscious mind for the solution. Every the question has a solution the power of the subconscious mind solves any problem.

The very good example given in this book is “Autosuggestion”. Human beings are two types magnetize people and demagnetize people. Magnetize people who are in touch with their subconscious mind and they know how to draw it from there and the other hand people who do not have any idea about the subconscious mind and they don’t know that they have so much potential inside them they are the demagnetize people who do not achieve anything. It’s all about if you want to magnetize that is if you want to be aware of the power that resides in the subconscious
mind of yours and that will make you a person who can achieve anything.

Another important point in this book is “Affirmative thinking” that is to affirm yourself that you can do anything and you can achieve any heights. This a very beautiful paragraph in this book and in that
paragraph it’s written that your mind is like a garden whatever you sow you going to reap. So if you are sowing negative thoughts you can get negative results. By on the other hand if you can showing positive thoughts that you going to do great in life. There’s hard work you have to work hard to achieve success. But it’s the hard work is the only thing. Ex) there’s a lot of people working hard but is everyone successful not really. So working hard is only 80% of it 20% is yourself making aware of the power that resides on your subconscious mind so only then you will be able to give your
There’s also a very important point in this book and it about “ Dreaming whatever you want to achieve”. So if you watch interviews of successful people then you will understand that all of them used to visualize themselves as successful people that they used to daydream. Daydreaming is about when you sit down and think and visualize yourself being successful that is if you want to be a CEO of a company you visualize yourself sitting in that chair of CEO. Only hard work does not work because hard work is only a part of if the other one is being positive thoughts that one day you are going to reach your dream it is affirming yourself.

There are also chapters in this book that speaks about “Healing of physical illness and mental illness”. So if you are dealing with anything you can read this book and understand how you can use the power of subconscious mind to heal yourself from any kind of illness.
Theirs is also a chapters completely to wealth and success.This chapter tells you about the wrong approach that you have to wealth and success and if you actually apply the techniques that are given in this book and may be the chance that you will be able to get overcoming the financial issues. There’s also a chapter in this book that tells you about how scientists use the subconscious mind to transform their ideas into reality and there many examples in this book.

Another chapter there’s about “Sleepen or approach to a sleep”. Usually we are tried and go to sleep and we think that instantly we completely switched it off we switched off our brain and we sleep but that is not really true our conscious mind is basically sleeps but subconscious mind is always awaken. The subconscious mind take care that you are still breathing, your heart is pumping, and your body is functioning properly, the food that you had in your dinner it gets digesting properly or not everything is taken care by our subconscious mind so if you are aware of the subconscious mind and if you are touch with it then all function will be working properly and that is why sleep is very important in that time conscious mind never intrudes and it’s never interface in the functioning of subconscious mind just before you fall sleep is the time when you think about all the positive things.

Another very important chapter in this book is about happiness and how you can achieve it happiness is something you have to decide sincerely from your heart. if you think that you never be happy you can never be happy because, happiness is the state of mind as you already here a lot of times before and that is true. You have to sincerely desire happiness you have to feel to yourself by the affirmative thinking you have to tell yourself self constantly that you will be happy that you choose to be happy and you will be able to sow the seed of positive thinking of happiness it is the subconscious mind and eventually be happy.

Achieving a certain goal will make you happy but, that happiness is going to be temporary because, you will set another goal for yourself and then you will wait for yourself to achieve that goal only then you will be happy. it doesn’t work like that it works in a way that it is constant process happiness is a constant choice we can choose every morning and every night.

You want to read a book only then you will understand in absolute depth. This book will change so much in you. This will change your mind, it will change your life.

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