Windows XP is still going strong

Windows XP is a line of proprietary operating system which was developed by Microsoft and is meant to be used for general purpose computers , such as home computers and business desktops , notebook computers and various types of media centres . Windows XP succeeds Windows 2000 and Windows ME , and is the first consumer – oriented operating system produced by Microsoft to be built on the Windows NT kernel and architecture . The most popular operating systems versions are Windows XP Home Edition , which is primarily meant for home users , and Windows XP Professional , which boasts additional features , such as support for Windows Server domains and dual processors , and is meant for professionals and other experts . Windows XP Media Centre Edition has additional multimedia features . Windows XP has an edge over the earlier versions of Microsoft Windows because of enhanced efficiency and better stability .

Windows XP helps you access and manage your files on the pc using a Graphical _User Interface GUI . All Programs and files stored on the PC are represented as pictures that are called icons . These icons are stored on the desktop .

Components of Windows XP

Windows XP

The Windows XP user interface consists of various components and concepts that help make Windows XP user friendly and intuitive . Some of the important components are :-

  1. Desktop
  2. Start Menu
  3. Taskbar
  4. Icons
  5. Recycle Bin
  6. Windows
  7. Applications
  8. Folders
  9. Files
  10. Control Panels