Enrich your soft skills

What are soft skills and why do they take a prominent role in building & formulating a splendid career? How are soft skills interrelated with the work we do?

Many come up with similar questions when they face several challenges in an interview which is the most salient part to get placed in a job and some become obsessed with it when they are not able to grasp the opportunities due to the lack of soft skills. Soft skills play a vital part that makes you fit in a particular role at the workplace. It is the essence by which a person gets qualified for a job or an employee is been promoted/retained by the employer on this grounds. We cannot ace the interviews under the shadow of hard skills because the managing team hire individuals initially, on how the participants present and carry themselves in an interview. Every interview demands the parity of both hard and soft skills. Soft skills consistently deals with a person’s EQ ( Emotional Quotient), it is a combination of interpersonal traits, time management, team work, flexibility, public speaking, leadership qualities, basic etiquettes, critical thinking, communication skills etc. There should be an ultimate professionalism in the conversations that we have at our work place and that’s why soft skills play a major role. Soft skills doesn’t demand for some external course or trainings to acquire them. They are some of the innate qualities that we possess or need to develop for an engrossing career such as,

Expand your network and build a positive circle.

Broaden your mindset for a mindful learning.

Develop self esteem and embolden self reflection.

Get out of the comfort level and explore new horizons.

Strive to get along with people easily, be amiable and emphasize team work , by this you can promote the leadership qualities. Organize events, take up the lead roles and responsibilities to exhibit the inner leader in you.

Have a self assessment , be open to constructive criticisms, update yourself and don’t be reluctant to learn and gather knowledge.

Do not stand still, adapt to different circumstances which is the most eminent trait at a work place.

All these skills are very efficient because they make you stand out from others and aids you to ace in the career. Soft skills are the cluster of personal and professional qualities that the companies and firms look for value in their forces in today’s world. This increases the chances for employability that the proprietors consider because such skills are needed to get sideways with the colleagues and customers. Hard skills could be acquired by many as we all get a strong platform through universities and virtual courses to nourish it but soft skills is the abilities and qualities that we nurture on our own. Soft skills also helps us on a personal standard to formulate into a better person. Let us see some of the important soft skills in brief to pursue a triumphant career.


Leadership is the potential of an individual to lead and influence the other team members by their mission and vision. This is a very eminent attribute of individuals and those who exhibit this quality can ascend to many prestigious positions in life.


The ability to communicate effectively is perhaps the most important of all soft skills. At its simplest it is the act of conveying ideas and information from one to the other. To have an effective communication the person should first listen and comprehend the opponents point of view and then share his/her views in a precise manner & clearly and should not be overlooked. This can help in every nuance of life from the professional stratum to the social gatherings.


Critical thinking is the analysis of facts and ideas to arrive to a solution or judgement. It is the ability to think clearly and rationally, comprehending the logics inter connected with the ideas. It comprises of a set of skills like observation, interpretation, analysis, evaluation, problem solving and decision making ability.


Individuals should be able to adapt to the upcoming and the changing technologies and put forth their innovative ideas in problem solving. They should not be conservative with their ideas and should evolve with time. They should reach the solution for the different tasks and challenges posed on them in a new and different way.


Coordination is very vital among a set team members to envision ideas , to establish them in the finest way and to produce magnificent results. Effective communication is the foundation for team work. So we can come to know that all the soft skills are inter related with each other. The capability to put forward the point and truly interpret & understand what others say is the cornerstone of effective teamwork.


Flexibility is being able to adapt oneself to various situations, works and places and to fit in effectively. You should bend yourself to deal with unexpected challenges calmly and efficiently and then you would arrive at strategies to meet the ends.