Health can be defined as a holistic way of the growth of the human body and mind. A healthy person’s body is in complete harmony with his mind. We can practice the art of health and wellness by keeping in mind that our bodies are made from living tissues. Those tissues require nutrition to grow, and the food we eat is directly responsible for the nutrients that reach our tissues. Keeping that in mind, we must understand the importance of a balanced meal.
A meal is balanced when it has all the components like carbohydrates, starch, fat, protein, and vitamins in an equal proportion. If the balance is disturbed, we can eat a lot of the same type of food. Even if something is good for our health, eating too much can have a negative impact. For example, even if vitamins are beneficial to our health, eating a lot of vitamins can convert the excess quantity into toxic substances. The perfect sign of a healthy human body is resistant to diseases.
A healthy person can effectively fight off disease-causing germs. Immunity is provided by the WBC cells in our blood. These cells determine how strong a person’s immunity is. Immunity can be improved by eating foods rich in antioxidants like melons, citrus, guava, and strawberries.