Magic ! An illusion…

Image credit: Julius Drost

Magic , which encompasses the subgenres of illusion, stage magic, and close up magic, among others, is a performing art in which audiences are entertained by tricks, effects, or illusions of seemingly impossible feats, using natural means.

Observe, all these points before you start practicing Magic;
1. As a magician you should face the audience with a smile on your face, cracking jokes and fluent language.
2. Be confident with your presentation, without stage fear. Presentation depends upon the performer.
3. You may need to face many kind of audience, tough people, naughty boys and many questions you should be ready with your answers.
4. Practice the magic several times before stage presentation. As “Practice Makes Man Perfect.”
5. Practices should be done in front of the mirror which will make your mistakes visible.
6. Watch as many magic shows as possible and study their manners.
7. Preserve your magic items and chemicals in a safe place properly locked.
8. Be careful while you handle chemicals, blades, knifes, fire. Read instructions thoroughly.
9. Chemical tricks should be done in adult supervision only. If a child is practicing magic tricks then, it’s parent or supervisor should be there to observe him.
10. Never neglect the small tricks. These are often most mystifying than stage illusions .
11. Accidents may occur, while performing chemical tricks be careful.
12. Mistakes do occur while doing magic but you must have the talent to divert the concentration of the audience.
13. The more you perform, the more you learn about the Magic and mind of the audience.
14. Join in a reputed Magic circle, read Magic journals, Magic Magazines.
15. Never repeat the same tricks before the same audience.
16. It is better to present the show with least number of assistants.
17. Self-confidence is important for the performer to present without hesitation.
18. Magic is a skill, wonderful art, else there are no psychic powers, super natural powers it is all illusion that is created by the magician.
19. Train your assistants perfectly else you have to be ashamed before the audience.
20. A magician must win the audience’s mind, to create a perfect illusion.
21. Never criticize other’s performances in your shows.
22. Never prove that, what magic you are performing is because of God or such superstitious beliefs. Show people that, there are people who are exploiting poor and innocent people in the name of God and showing some tricks .
23. Make a list of your performance item wise.
24. Choose your dialogues carefully and then talk neatly.
25. Never under estimate the audience. They are more clever than you. People may vary in their expressions, everyone’s reactions will be different.
26. Carry few pocket tricks with you, when you attend small functions, parties and picnics with your simple tricks you can entertain every one.
27. Do not apply lengthy procedure’s because audience do not have patience to watch So.
28. Better you perform happy half an hour than two dull hours.
29. After one show rearrange your tricks for the next show, it is a good habit.
30. Always have at least one spare item for your trick for emergency.
31. The place you choose for giving performance should be clean. Arrange your items neatly and your dress should also be suitable for the magician look.
32. Pack up your items as soon as to show is completed, otherwise curious person may tamper with it.
33. Say to people you have no Mantras or Tantras in your show . This truth may attract more audience for your show .
34. When you read good magic books or observe shows of other magicians note down the particular points neatly .
35. Finally , education is important; for your passion do not spoil your educational future.