Generation of apple iPhone

The iPhone is a line of smartphone designed and introduce by apple inc.. that use apple’s iOS mobile operating system.the first generation of iPhone was announced by formar apple ceo Steve jobs on January 9th,2007 . Since then apple has annually released new iPhone models and iOS updates as of November 1 ,2018 , more the 2.2 billion iPhones are sold ..

Development of what was to become the iPhone become in 2004 , when apple started to gather a team of 1000 employees led by hardware engineer Tony fadell , software engineer scoot forstall and design engineer sir jonathn Lev to work on the highly confidential “project purple”. Apple ceo Steve jobs steered the original focus away the tablet towards a phone . Apple created the device during a secritive collaboration with Cingular wireless ( which becomes AT&T mobility) at the time _at an estimated development cost of us$150 million over thirty months according to Steve jobs “I”means “i mac” (and therefore “iPod “, “iPhone”, and” iPad “)which stands for individual , internet ,instruct , inform , and inspire

The iPhone runs an operating system known as iOS (formally iPhone os) . It is varient of the Darwin operating system core found in macos . Also included is the ” core animation ” software component from Mac os x v10.5 leopard . Together with the graphics hardware (and on the iPhone 3GS, openGL ES 2.0), it is responsible for the interfaces motion graphics.the iPhone comes with a set of bundled applications developed by apple , and supports downloading third party application through the app store .apple provides free updates to the operating system for the iPhone either wirelessly or through I tunes major new updates have historically accompined with new models

And then finally apple rejected the ” design by committee “

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