The saddest thing about love is that not only that it cannot last forever, but that heartbreak is soon forgotten

It was more than a year, since I met her. Misunderstandings are very common in relationship but this time it costs more anger. Love turns hatred. On her birthday I’ve promises her, not even single second I don’t let you lone babe. But year passes, still I’m on blocklist. She’s always cuddling me around but NOT NOW.

I don’t know may be she moved on to a new beginning, but I’m still in the end of the page waiting for a miracle. Her status turns single, often she rides with her new friends, she surfs malls, cinema halls, restaurant and lot. Myself I too roaming in malls, cinema halls, restaurant not to enjoy like her, just to collect my enjoyable memories flooded down there.

My hand still knows how fluffy her cheek was, my skin hairs stands straight when she blushes on me, my leg still knows how much time I carried her, my nose still knows how her cookies are, my teeth still knows how many time I bite her, my lips still know how many time I signed on her cheeks, my belly knows how many time I’ve been a pillow to her, my heart knows how many I cared her, my eyes says how many nights I’ve been crying for her but still my brain doesn’t know why she left.

The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it…

How can I walk without your hands? How can I talk without your noise? How can I hear without your chirps? How can I see without your presence? How can I eat without your fingers? How can I sleep without your hugs?

Lot changed you and the changes of yours changed me a lot. Even moon and earth forget to meet, but I’ll never forget to see you, my divine. How did you throw me even without considering me to hear a apologize? I swear I’ve smiles, I’ve cried, I’ve cared , NOT NOW………

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