Patriotism And Professionalism.

The title can be well explained by the famous fiction The Enemy’ by Pearl Sydenstricker Buck.

About Our Founder - Pearl S Buck

The protagonist, Sadao perfectly balanced patriotism and professionalism. Being a true Jap, he harbored an enemy, the American POW, Tom despite of thinking of the blot of traitor on his identity as a respectable citizen. Sadao. faced a mental and physical toil during the period in which he harbored American POW. He was taken aback, when he failed to receive any support from his servants, who have been with him since his childhood, for they were having old notion and superstition, as well as the fear of the catastrophic results of the presence of the POW within the house. They thought that the gun and sea, who tried to kill the enemy, would definitely take the revenge from them.

Among all this turmoil, Hana was the only person, who abreacted Sadao in his thick and thins, for she washed the American POW after Yumi’s refusal, fed him, nursed him and took care of his petty things and demands. Moreover, Hana, decided to stand with Sadao in any catastrophic situation, which provided a strong mental and emotional support to him.

General, was the another man, who desisted his duties and failed to send his assassins. He due to his illness, failed to depict the patriotism towards the country, and Sadao felt him in palm of his hands.

Despite, of all this turmoil, Sadao was a strong man and a true Jap, who overcame all hurdles in having his duties fairly with honesty and dare.

The Enemy By Pearl S Buck - (English - XII) - YouTube

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