Unsolved mysteries of all time

Is there Treasure in the Oak Island?

Oak Island located on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada has been an attraction for treasure Hunters since the late  1700s. It was rumoured that Captain Kidds treasure has been buried in the Oak Island.With a little evidence found in the early excavation peoples started to publish stories and documents in 1856. The original Searchers spot on the island which attracts the Treasure Hunters called ‘The Money pit’

Money pit

Theories about the artefact that are present on the island range from pirate treasure to  Shakespearean manuscripts, to possibly the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant, with the Grail and the Ark.The items found on the surface have been carbon dated and found to be hundreds of years old. However, no item such as treasure has been found in the excavation. ‘The curse’ said that 7 men will die in the search of the treasure and after their death the treasure will be found.Six men have died till now.

More than 50 books have been written on the hidden treasure but no confirmed treasure has been found still. A television series ‘Curse of the Oak Island ‘ is based on the treasure search .Humans are still in search of the treasure of the oak island.

Disappearance of the Malaysian Flight 370

While flying from Malaysia to China on 8th March 2014 the Malaysian flight 370 carrying 239 passengers and crew members got lost into thin air. A multinational search was carried out which was the largest search in the history of aviation.A lot of conspiracy theories were developed .Nothing of the ship was found except some pieces of aircraft debris.   

the passengers of the flight

   The prime minister of Malaysia said nothing other than the disappearance of the flight over the Indian ocean.Theories includes hijacking,capture by the united nations or the crew suicide ,fire aboard the aircraft, alien abduction, meteor strike or entry into the sea.Almost after 6 years now and expenditures of millions of dollars in search of the flight, the disappearance of the flight and the 239 passengers still remains a mystery unsolved.

Mary Celeste ship

On 4th December 1872 the ship Mary Celeste was found deserted in the Atlantic ocean with no human onboard and a lifeboat missing. The ship had left New York on 7th November 1872 and when found was in proper sail worthy condition with everything intact.The belonging of the crew members was also undisturbed. None of the people who were on board were ever seen or heard again.  The ship was captained by Benjamin briggs who went on board with his wife and a 2 year old daughter. Brigges chose his crew with great care. The last log written on the ship was 10 day before the ship was found by a Canadian brigantine Dei Gratia .

mary celeste

        Mary Celeste was built in Spencer’s  Island  and launched under British administration as Amazon in 1861. She was transferred to American ownership and registration in 1868, when she acquired her new name. Thereafter she sailed eventually, until her 1872 voyage. At the hearings in Gibraltar following her recovery, the court’s officers considered various possibilities of foul play, including fraud  by Mary Celeste’s crew, piracy by the Dei Gratia crew or others, and conspiracy to carry out insurance or  fraud. However ,no convincing evidence supporting  these theories were found.

            Hypotheses  include the effects on the crew of alcohol fumes rising from the cargo,submarineearthquake,watersports,  attack by a giant squid or sea monsters, and paranormal intervention. A lot of false story about the ship were rumoured and films,  plays and novels were written about the ship .After the hearing the ship was taken back to work under her new owner until 1885 when it was taken off coast.The mystery about the  missing crew members and the ship being deserted is still unexplained.


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