Do you want to become an avid reader? But you don’t seem to find the zeal to sit and start a book? Or do you not like to read at all? Well, maybe it’s because you have been submerging through the wrong bookshelves, and are yet to find the right direction to your world of imagination, adventure and learning.

At a young age, we hear and read many short stories, comics or fairy tales from our elders. Those books are filled with colorful illustrations, beautiful fonts and simple language to attract us and give shape to our imagination. But as we grow up the books become more black and white with tough vocabulary and equal to no pictures. Along with a wider choice to look from. Due to this and the lack of encouragement from our surroundings, we tend to give up on our reading habits and conclude it to be boring eventually.

But isn’t that the very reason why the books become so? So that as we grow up, we fill our own colors, illustrations, and meaning to the words written by the authors in our minds; develop our power of imagination, expand our dictionary and deepen our journey between the lines. And soon become a sailor to the treasure of words, in an island of books brimming with adventure and experiences. The best part being, there is absolutely no age restriction to pick up a book and give some exercise to your brain. You can be 45 and still love to read rom-com or learn a new language!! The books aren’t judging you after all.

So, before you buy a book, it is necessary to find the ‘right book’ for you and this requires some research to be done to make a smart and worthy purchase. To begin with, know your purpose to buy a particular book because this helps you to be motivated throughout the reading. For instance, if you have a role model in life you can opt for their biography or autobiography, or if you want to polish any of your skills you can go for self-help books. Likewise, there are many other genres, such as – action and adventure, romance, classics, comic books, detective and mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, etc. The next step is to keep in mind your budget. These days, much to our advantage, we can find books both online (e-books) or offline, new or used, paid or free on various apps and bookstores. Google it! You can even borrow books from a local or school library just in case you don’t want to spend money on your first purchase. Furthermore, it is always recommended to check for book reviews and summaries online or through friends, to avoid impulsive buying just by finding the cover page attractive. Once you have brought down the list to a minimum number by following the above steps, you are ready to make the final purchase with confidence! In the end, make sure that when you sit down to read, have a pencil/pen/highlighter to mark your favorite quotes or lines or unfamiliar words, even a diary to note them down and remember in the long run. Do not forget to have a beverage on the side!

Stick to these tips and no one is stopping you from being an avid reader and to live a thousand lives. Learn from other’s experiences. Find yourself and your peace of mind. And become a better person with every book you close with a little heavy heart but many more beautiful memories swirling in your mind.

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