Massive blast tears through the food processing factory and has killed 52 people through flames.

Rup Ganj, Bangladesh;5:00 pm:

A massive blast that teared up on Bangladesh killed 52 people by flames and 50 other injured. The fire broke put on the industrial town, east of capital Dhaka, on 9th Thursday, afternoon.

It was burning for about 24 hours, as per reports. Police said that,the fire broke out at the Shezan juice factory in Rupganj at about 5:00 pm on thursday.

“Once the fire is under control ,we will conduct a search and rescue operation inside the factory. then we can conform any further causalities if any “, said the fire person Debashish Bardhan.

Initially fire broke out at the first floor due to plastics and chemicals and then spread wild. Eighteen firefighting units were struggling to douse the fire at the factory building of Hashem Foods Limited. Many workers were missing, later found out 44 identities of missing workers. It was also told that the building did not have proper fire safety measures.

Apart from this in 2012, a garment factory was set on fire on the outer parts of Dhaka. In 2010, a house illegally storing chemicals killed at least 123 people. Also in 2019, a 400 year area of Dhaka with apartment, warehouse and shops left 67 people dead.

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